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Monday, May 19, 2008

Alot of Catching up to do

May 19, 2008

I think my last Blog entry was January or February! Although everything seems slow alot has happened since then. First back in March (will look up the date later) my form I-796 arrived from our illustrious government. One week later My apostilles were acquired from the state house in Harrisburg. This had me worried but should not have..The hardest part of that experience was finding a place to park, trying to decide how much to feed the meter and walking for a half mile in the rain with no umbrella. UGH. Oh well. In no time flat the beautiful seals were placed on my paperwork. They do look nice, I almost hated sending them away. But with a kiss for good luck off they went to meet Vlad in Ukraine. Two weeks later I had confirmation that my papers were translated into Ukraine and I am now respectfully awaiting an admission date. But then on April 28, 2008, the unfortunate turn of events. Ukraine Rada (parliment) has passed a law effective immediately. No further singles will be allowed to adopt from Ukraine. How sad is this??? Well time to start to make decisions. Get married? Not such a big deal you say we have been together for 12 years its "just a piece of paper" at this point. But Brian offers his say so and it makes sense. Not that we don't want to get married to each other, because we do eventually. But we do not want to be forced to get married.

So we change directions... And the Geography lesson begins. Prior to September last year I could probably not tell you where in the world Ukraine was. Now I not only can locate it but I can locate many of the major cities within Ukraine and have a pretty good idea of the countries that border upon it. But lets not stop there. Since we need to make choices I start browsing through every available waiting child photolisting. Paperwork starts flying in by the dozens from every adoption agency in the country. Then one night a 16 month old shows up on rainbowkids from Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan?? Where in the world is Kyrgyzstan. I can't spell it to plug it into a google search. I can't even pronounce it!!! I am immediately engulfed in finding out more information. I received alot of input both positive and negative from people who have seen her, friends, my fiance. So i am filled with questions, and doubt. I have made excuses for why I should continue and why I should not. So I ask for a video... and wait......... During this wait I feel like it is just never going to happen. So I receive more pictures of children. All of whom I want to bring home right now. I have shared these pictures with my Mom, and the future gloating grandmother, and with every one of my colleagues and friends who will listen. They have all been wonderful! Although I am most positive they just keep hoping I will make a move soon, because I feel like I just can not make up my mind.

So this friday.... May 16th we make a crucial decision.... We will possibly pursue.... GET THIS two Russian children.. SURPRISE!!! NOT one but TWO. So the geography lesson grows. RUSSIA, at least I have learned the Cyrillic alphabet and can say "hello" and "good day" "yes" and "no" in Russian. A little boy, and three little girl's pictures are so sweet, and I could just bring them all home.... But as that is financially impossible, we spend the weekend trying to figure out what is the right move. THEN...... C's video arrives. The CD is blank. My heart melts. Is this a sign I am supposed to go to Russia??? I have no idea. Then Sunday afternoon Brian says " oh by the way..... Rebecca called. She left a message about C's video." and I can actually view it online. The video shows her rolling and very interactive in her environment. She is playing with toys, and exploring her crib by rolling and even crawling..." My heart melts again. Is this our baby???? What will happen to the little girls and the little boy from Russia? Will they get an opportunity to be adopted if I choose to go to Kyrgyzstan? Other then a developmental delay K fits all the criteria. We (well I) were hoping for a little girl under two. I was hoping for a physical special need that could definitely be surgically corrected. K is vague. There are no promises. C has been seen by another prospective adoptive mom from the U.S. in Kyrgyzstan. She decided with a heavy heart that C was just not the little girl she was searching for.

Today I will contact the agency and get Kyrg Embassy questions answered hopefully. As of three weeks ago The embassy in Washington D.C. stopped excepting new dossiers. What can I say. I was warned that international adoption is not for the faint of heart. Boy were they right!!! And a roller coaster to boot. Well off for now. Good luck to all the families who are in their Geographical locations adopting their children, and to all those who wait. I want to thank everyone on the Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and FRUA message boards for all the information. When I finally make that choice I will make known to everyone what we have decided to do.

I think this should bring everyone up to date on our journey. For the first half of our paperwork chase visit
there you can view the beginning of the journey. And some pictures too.

January 16, 2009
I have to add this here. Unfortunately the above link no longer works. Another post explains why. (%%$#&* AOL) Anyway I thought I would try to sum up September 2007-January 2008 very briefly.

Septemeber 2007 After probably years of thoughts always leading to international adoption I finally convince Brian this is what we were being led to do. He is not completely on board at first but as I post this (being a year and a half later) (ok I am having a back to the future moment right now) Brian is very excited and has evolved into can't wait for the baby to come home. Anyway, I barge forward.. Ukraine here we come! I sign on with a girl from Florida who helps complete Ukrainian adoptions independently. She sends me info on home study agencies and a timeline of how things will proceed. So my first big hoop to jump through becomes searching for a home study agency. I thought this would be tough, but not really. I called a few places and only two responded. One I did not feel was very personable. The other could not wait to work with me. So In October 2007 I have my first meeting with Sheryl Benot (I sure hope she does not mind me using her whole name here as I do not want to forget her through this process) She is a wonderful woman. An adoptive mom herself. We talk for way over an hour and set up a second visit. After visit two we set up "THE HOME STUDY" which ends up being rescheduled due to car troubles (looking back maybe this was just the first indication things were NOT going to go as planned) Well our home visit comes about a week later December 2007. It had snowed that morning so the house and land (mud) was perfect for a visit. Sheryl loved our house (despite the millions of projects which remain undone) She said this is an awesome place for a child to grow up. Cool step one complete. Back up to October.... while we are waiting for our homestudy Brian and I go on a few dates. One to the Police Station in Reading, the other to the USCIS building in Philadelphia. This visit we coordinated a dinner for four to Fogo de Chao. A Brazilian restraunt in downtown Philadelphia. Prolung and her fiance join us. They tell us about their wedding plans and Robert and Brian have great beer conversations. More about Prolung and Robert in August 2008!! Anyway back to January 2008......... Our home study is complete and it gets sent for processing for a I 797 or 6 or whatever number it was supposed to be. Processing is complete the last week of March and we send our papers to Ukraine... which I think brings us up to this post.


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Suzanne said...

Hi Ann! Thanks for the new, updated blog. I'll be following along diligently!

I'm going to vote for Kristina with a K. Only because in the Cyrillic alphabet K makes the K sound and C makes the S sound. But either way, she has a beautiful name!