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Friday, May 23, 2008

Another day closer

Well today was kind of uneventful. Went visiting with Grandmom. Had a Memorial day picnic at the Nursing home. Made plans with my physician and the notary to hopefully get a new medical form notarized by next week. If all goes well I hope to be able to get all the forms necessary collected by next Thursday morning. Medical done Thursday at 2:30pm. Then off to Harrisburg for certifications (again) but not apostilles this time. I have to look up what the difference is.
What else did I do? cleaned out the shed. Packed a bag full of baby clothes to give to the orphanage if they want me to bring them. Bought some supplies for what will be a three week journey around the world. Starting in Argyle NY. Then off to Marlboro VT for a week of games with the pooches Kasey and Ripley. Followed by a trip across the pond to visit with what will hopefully be our little girl. Every day I am excited and also scared.

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