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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Can you travel a week from Sunday?"

Wow. How did I get from the last post to this one in just two days??? We went from not knowing what to do to can you leave a week from Sunday? So needless to say we gots a lot of work to do. And a little time to do it. Travel arrangements, Vermont Trip, Disney trip, then Moscow or London and on to Bishkek. Quite a June to remember this will be!!!! So what happened? Tuesday afternoon I met with Dr. Cronan here at duPont. She did not deliver any earthshattering words of advice. Same thing we already know based on K's medical and video. She appears to be delayed, however is showing great interest in interacting and a good potential. God willing this is our little Girl. I hope that when I see her in One month there is again some improvement in her development to see.

After my appointment with Dr. Cronan, I called Karen at AA and told her the news. That we are interested wholeheartedly in pursuing This adoption. WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Later in the evening we were finally able to talk about details. And she asks me..... How soon can you travel? My immediate answer is "tomorrow" but unfortunately that is not possible. Her next question was can you travel a week from Sunday??? I think my jaw hit the floor. Corey was sitting next to me and I wrote her a note!! I think her jaw hit the floor. Anyway......A week from Sunday I will be in Vermont. Two weeks from Sunday we will be preparing for a long awaited Florida vacation. (Maybe Brian will rethink this as it will be our last time we have a vacation as a couple and not a family of three!!!!!) So One month from the 23 I will be preparing to depart for our Kyrg girl!!!!

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