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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally, Airfare!!!!!

Memorial Day weekend was a bit stressful here. I confirmed with AA travel dates of June 7- 11 (hopefully lucky numbers!!!!!) at 11pm at night. Well as you can imagine getting tickets at 11pm at night on a Friday night of Memorial Day weekend involves the internet, and credit cards!!! Since I live without a credit card and could not raise my Debit Card limit over this beautiful holiday weekend I am resigned to wait until Tuesday. To keep any semblance of a calm nature I keep repeating "Good things come to those who wait" over and over throught each passing day. I watch as the ticket prices rise just a bit every day. But on referral of many from the Kyrg message boards, and AA I call Golden Rule Travel and I am able to confirm tickets for the same price as I originally expected on Friday night. YEAH!!!! One step closer to our little Kyrg girl. Now all I need is to confirm my reservation with Asia Mountain, and get set for a long and exciting three week journey beginning in Argyle with Shannon, on to Camp Gone to the Dogs in Marlboro Vt. (with my trusty pooches Ripley and Kasey) across the pond to London, Moscow, Bishkek, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, and then back home to Philly and on to a date with Mickey Mouse and Friends. I will need a vacation by the end of my vacations! During my Vermont trip I will most likely not be able to post. We will be camping (sort of) no phones, no internet, unless I leave camp and go to the wifi location about 10 miles from camp. I will post from each airport if I am able! I know there are several who will be anxious to see where I am. Good luck to all those who are traveling now or about to travel for their first or second trip regardless of geographical location.

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