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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Catching up at home

Today Brian and I worked on finishing the floor in Shelby's room. Guess what?? It still is not done. LOL. I am starting to think that the floor will never be done. No wonder people pay other people to do this job. Anyway it looks good and eventually we will get it complete. We did get a few pieces laid, and we hung two more shelves. There are shelves EVERYwhere. But I have so much "stuff" I want to display. It is the only way. I tried to get current rod holders to hang the curtains.. No luck. They only carried the full curtain rod/ bracket sets at walmart. So I came home without. Walmart has also stopped selling fabric so I am now going to have to go find the fabric that my mom used to cover the toy box somewhere else. I want to cover the desk with padding covered by the same material for a changing table. I am sure it will turn up somewhere.

I got email today from John. Let me quickly just tell everyone who John is. John is the leader of a long term humanitarian mission in Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan. He and his family (wife and two children) are from Canada but have been living in Tokmok for at least a year now. When I can figure out how to do it I will add his blog site here. For now that is the link, but I know there is a better way to do it. I am also enclosing a list of the items he and his team are always asking for. I would like to take an extra suitcase on my second trip of things from the states that his team needs. If anyone is interested in helping out even something small. It will go right from my hands to his! For crafts-face paint-Tempra poster paint

Items always needed:
Childrens Tylenal,Penaten Cream ( zinc ),Multi vitamins for kids and adults,Vitamin C,& D,Calcium Supliments (for rickets),Polysporin anti bacterial cream, Advil cold and Sinus, Prenatel Vitamins, Geriatric Vitamins, Kery Lotion (or any theraputic cream), Head lice shampoo, Scabies Cream, Impitago cream, cold sore cream, Peanut butter, Craft dinner, Probiotics


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Day

Well yesterday was my Grandmother's funeral. But it was also hopefully the day that my USCIS paperwork landed in Philadelphia. Last week the wonderfully nice gentleman at USCIS said that this will take 6-8 weeks "no exceptions" Man he just must love his job. (NOT) Anyway maybe my note attached to my request to change countries from Ukraine to Kyrgyzstan will inspire him to move maybe a bit faster? Hopefully. I hate thinking about watching 12 weeks tick by on the calendar. But as I start cleaning my house and preparing for a baby to be here I know in the long run 12 weeks will fly and soon Shelby will be home! There is not much news to report today. I am still off from work. I could get used to this. I worked one day in the last four weeks. Today I am kind of relaxing. Later today I will get back into the swing of things. Tomorrow I will pick up the remainder of the papers for my home study, and will make a visit to Harrisburg for Certifications. Then they can start to get translated. Hopefully everything will be translated and waiting for my document from our government. Then another trip to Harrisburg to get that document certified then translated. Then off to the Kyrg embassy in D.C. I hear that by then everything in

Saturday, June 21, 2008

around the world and the east coast too in 3 weeks or good news and bad news

Woo। I am glad and sad to be home। I am sad I had to leave our daughter in an orphanage thousands of miles away। Where should I start? The beginning? The last few days? Today? Lets start with the bad news and get it out of the way। Then I will move along to tell the story. Friday night I told my Grandmother that she officially but unofficially had a new great grand daughter. Our Little Miss was the first thing my grandmother asked about... Wal mart messed up my order so I was unable to take her picture with me to the nursing home where my grandmother had been this last month. Well Saurday morning... just over twelve hours after I said good night to my grandmother, she passed away in her sleep. I won't elaborate on that here, but to say that when I was in Bishkek I told Our Little Miss that she had a guardian angel and left her pictures in a baby picture book. One of my Grandfather and Grandmother. I told her that my grandfather is her guardian angel, well now I know that Little Miss has not one but two guardian angels. I am sure that my grandmother met up with my poppop and they are watching over her until our and their government can get it all together. I will ask them every day to watch over her for me, and to hurry along our paperwork so I can get her home quick.

Now onto better stories..... 3 weeks of traveling is over.

Week 1 Vermont and Camp Gone to The Dogs. Every year I take two of my dogs to Vermont for a week of total dog activity. While we are there we are free to do whatever we want or nothing. The dogs love it, and so do I. We had a very relaxing week playing frisbee and working on our agility skills. And did I mention relaxing? I slept through breakfast every day! I left Vermont early on Friday evening to make it home Friday night and get some sleep. Sleep was not actually what I did but I tried.

Week 2 Philly---London---Moscow---Bishkek---St. Petersburg---Amsterdam---Philly Oh My!!!

As I said in my last post we accepted our referral in Bishkek. I was there alone, but I was not really alone. And our decision was not made by me alone. I was able to talk to Brian frequently, I talked with my friend Lorraine several times (she made me stop being a nurse and start being Shelby's mom), I talked personally with Dr. Cronan who has been the head of The emergency Room at he Pediatric hospital I work at, I talked briefly with my mom, and received many emails of support from others especially Shannon who although she made me cry she also helped me affirm that my decision was not really mine to make but had already been made for me. From the first picture I saw to the video I knew this w

as right. But The first day in Bishkek was anything but bells and whistles. I had a hard time and a very emotional time on day one. I analyzed everything like a nurse. I read into everything like a nurse. But day two, after talking to Brian who was great, and to Dr. Cronan ad everyone else Shelby and i had a great bonding day. Unfortunately it was also my last day. B

ut by the end of my second visit Shelby was sitting on her own, standing at the small picnic table and playing with toys. She loved the Raggedy Ann Doll. And her picture book. And her blanket. Her blanket I made the day I left for Bishkek. Again I can't wait to share pictures. I left Bishkek after two emotional days and cried all the way to the airport.

Week 3 off to Orlando

What a difference but I went from Bishkek to Disney World. This trip had been planned for 18 months. We were waiting for my nephew Noah to be old enough to swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. Which we did and he loved. These pictures I will be able to share. I spent 6 nights Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios (still no Narnia), Sea World, Discovery Cove and back for a very very hot and full day at the Magic Kingdom. We had a wonderful time. My mom, dad, brother, sister in law, and the three kids. I think everyone agreed we loved Discovery Cove. We ate at nice restraunts and saw all the sites of Disney and Orlando. I returned on Wednesday night because I had an interview scheduled on Thursday at work for a new position on the transport team. I know now that that was an excuse not the reason. God had a bigger plan. I was supposed to be back home, so I could visit with my Grandmother, tell her about Shelby, and be here in town when we got the call from the nursing home. But anyway now Shelby has two guardian angels......

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back in the USA

unfortunately I wrote a long post for here and my crazy internet service in the hotel in philly ate the post!! I will try again once i reach Florida tomorrow evening. But short for now. We accepted our referral!! More later about the trip.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Bishkek, what can I say. I hit the ground running. No serious problems. I arrived at my hotel very early. Unfortunately my room was not ready yet so I was taken to a "hut" to "make rest" this was actually quite sureal (when I get home I need to do spell checks, I am working on a dual cyrrillic english keyboard.) The hut was actually very large and my first thought was a spiritual place or a place for meditation. I can not wait to include pictures. It is killing me that I can't find the card reader. Anyway I spent the first few minutes asking myself what I have gotten myelf into. Had a short cry. (those of you who really know me know it takes lot to shake me up) But I am not here long enough to feel sorry for myself or have doubts and fears. So I pick myself up and decide to go take a shower, maybe use the toilet... Just you guys wait until you see the first toilet i used here!!! I opted out of the shower also as there was no way to secure my stuff and keep everything dry at the same time. Just before 10am (bishkek time) my room is ready. WOW. this is alot of room for just me. Very nice room save for no air conditioning. Anyway I went to see the baby..I guess we got there about 11am. No fanfare, no huge moment here the workers hand me the baby who does not know me from adam and tell me to take her outside and walk her. Now may I remind you here that it is about 100 degrees outside. and finding shade was not fun either. Our first meeting was not quite what I expected. I went back to the hotel nearly in tears. Here I must add that I slept calmly and peacefully for a few ours and dreamt of what this baby would become. But our second meeting went much much better. I was able to see her sit, and stand using my fingers to hold her. What a difference from what her medical says. Right now I must say I am thinking this whole thing through quite extensively. This is the hardest an probably so far the most important decision of my life. I talked with the Dr. at duPont briefly and will be waiting to talk to her again in the am. For now I am off for bed for a few hours. Then a very long day begins.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

London and Security woe

So I have made it 1/3 of the way. arriving in London at 1038 London time. Oh my Heathrow is a bit confusing to say the least. But lets back up to the security woe!!! Beware the hidden knee brace. Unfortunately I have been having some knee trouble (couldn't be my weight) But anyway I have ben wearing a knee brace on and off for the last month. (another sidebar... nurses don't get things checked out until something falls off or we are bleeding to death. ) Anyway I bought what I thought was a benign run of the mill knee brace for cmfort.... WRONG... hidden metal wires.. And these have caused my silly security woes. In Philly, I was escrted politely to a private room where I needed to remove the knee brace and then have it analyzed. The a pat down in London... Oh my.. anyway after a long 8 hour flight of which I slept most of the way, I am in Heathrow waiting for a gate number. Have no exchanged currency so probably will forego any postcards or memorabilia from here.

Back up even a bit more... I wanted to Thank Lorraine, brandon and Kaitlyn for sending me off at the airport. Oh and the blanket I decided to make to keep me ocupied during my flights!!! Done before I lft philly. Now what?? I guess I will figure something out.

The blanket.... I read on another blog site where a PAP made a quilt for her baby in Bishkek. The baby was able to keep the quilt with her while waiting for her court date. So I stole the idea.. Bought the fleece in New York on my way home from Vermont. A realy cool angel design. I will try to post pictures later. Cut the 2 inch fringes at home while playing with the dogs. The dogs each got wrapped in it briefly for good luck and off I went.

Anyway now I wait in London. My flight leaves here at 1:30pm London time... For those at home I think that is approximately 0830 EDT. More later..............................

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Ok so my week of relaxing time with the two dogs in Vermont has come to a close. I got home this morning at 1am. And finally my stomach has started to turn flips. I did not have time this last week to worry about this next trip. But now it is here. Vermont was great, as usual. The dogs have a blast. this year we tried something new....... we slept in every morning. No breakfast.. A few days we did not even get out of bed until 9am. But we still had plenty of time to run agility courses, play frisbee, learn new tricks, herd sheep, eat wonderful food, and oh did I mention play frisbee!!! We spent a week with friends we only see once a year but somehow seem like we were never apart. and , met some great new friends as well. I will try to post some pictures later. Right now I am off to try and print off my instructions and find out how much I can actually take on the plane with me. Everyone keep their fingers and toes crossed.... And please keep our Kyrg girl in your prayers. I just hope and pray that all is well. Adoption medicals are confusing, vague, and frightening.