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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Day

Well yesterday was my Grandmother's funeral. But it was also hopefully the day that my USCIS paperwork landed in Philadelphia. Last week the wonderfully nice gentleman at USCIS said that this will take 6-8 weeks "no exceptions" Man he just must love his job. (NOT) Anyway maybe my note attached to my request to change countries from Ukraine to Kyrgyzstan will inspire him to move maybe a bit faster? Hopefully. I hate thinking about watching 12 weeks tick by on the calendar. But as I start cleaning my house and preparing for a baby to be here I know in the long run 12 weeks will fly and soon Shelby will be home! There is not much news to report today. I am still off from work. I could get used to this. I worked one day in the last four weeks. Today I am kind of relaxing. Later today I will get back into the swing of things. Tomorrow I will pick up the remainder of the papers for my home study, and will make a visit to Harrisburg for Certifications. Then they can start to get translated. Hopefully everything will be translated and waiting for my document from our government. Then another trip to Harrisburg to get that document certified then translated. Then off to the Kyrg embassy in D.C. I hear that by then everything in

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