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Saturday, June 21, 2008

around the world and the east coast too in 3 weeks or good news and bad news

Woo। I am glad and sad to be home। I am sad I had to leave our daughter in an orphanage thousands of miles away। Where should I start? The beginning? The last few days? Today? Lets start with the bad news and get it out of the way। Then I will move along to tell the story. Friday night I told my Grandmother that she officially but unofficially had a new great grand daughter. Our Little Miss was the first thing my grandmother asked about... Wal mart messed up my order so I was unable to take her picture with me to the nursing home where my grandmother had been this last month. Well Saurday morning... just over twelve hours after I said good night to my grandmother, she passed away in her sleep. I won't elaborate on that here, but to say that when I was in Bishkek I told Our Little Miss that she had a guardian angel and left her pictures in a baby picture book. One of my Grandfather and Grandmother. I told her that my grandfather is her guardian angel, well now I know that Little Miss has not one but two guardian angels. I am sure that my grandmother met up with my poppop and they are watching over her until our and their government can get it all together. I will ask them every day to watch over her for me, and to hurry along our paperwork so I can get her home quick.

Now onto better stories..... 3 weeks of traveling is over.

Week 1 Vermont and Camp Gone to The Dogs. Every year I take two of my dogs to Vermont for a week of total dog activity. While we are there we are free to do whatever we want or nothing. The dogs love it, and so do I. We had a very relaxing week playing frisbee and working on our agility skills. And did I mention relaxing? I slept through breakfast every day! I left Vermont early on Friday evening to make it home Friday night and get some sleep. Sleep was not actually what I did but I tried.

Week 2 Philly---London---Moscow---Bishkek---St. Petersburg---Amsterdam---Philly Oh My!!!

As I said in my last post we accepted our referral in Bishkek. I was there alone, but I was not really alone. And our decision was not made by me alone. I was able to talk to Brian frequently, I talked with my friend Lorraine several times (she made me stop being a nurse and start being Shelby's mom), I talked personally with Dr. Cronan who has been the head of The emergency Room at he Pediatric hospital I work at, I talked briefly with my mom, and received many emails of support from others especially Shannon who although she made me cry she also helped me affirm that my decision was not really mine to make but had already been made for me. From the first picture I saw to the video I knew this w

as right. But The first day in Bishkek was anything but bells and whistles. I had a hard time and a very emotional time on day one. I analyzed everything like a nurse. I read into everything like a nurse. But day two, after talking to Brian who was great, and to Dr. Cronan ad everyone else Shelby and i had a great bonding day. Unfortunately it was also my last day. B

ut by the end of my second visit Shelby was sitting on her own, standing at the small picnic table and playing with toys. She loved the Raggedy Ann Doll. And her picture book. And her blanket. Her blanket I made the day I left for Bishkek. Again I can't wait to share pictures. I left Bishkek after two emotional days and cried all the way to the airport.

Week 3 off to Orlando

What a difference but I went from Bishkek to Disney World. This trip had been planned for 18 months. We were waiting for my nephew Noah to be old enough to swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. Which we did and he loved. These pictures I will be able to share. I spent 6 nights Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios (still no Narnia), Sea World, Discovery Cove and back for a very very hot and full day at the Magic Kingdom. We had a wonderful time. My mom, dad, brother, sister in law, and the three kids. I think everyone agreed we loved Discovery Cove. We ate at nice restraunts and saw all the sites of Disney and Orlando. I returned on Wednesday night because I had an interview scheduled on Thursday at work for a new position on the transport team. I know now that that was an excuse not the reason. God had a bigger plan. I was supposed to be back home, so I could visit with my Grandmother, tell her about Shelby, and be here in town when we got the call from the nursing home. But anyway now Shelby has two guardian angels......

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pam b said...

Thanks so much for sharing your hectic last few weeks, I too just lost a grandparent last week. I am so sorry for your loss and may you be blessed with many wonderful memories. Also, thanks again for taking pictures of my little one, it meant soooo much. I am so excited for Shelby to have a great mom like you. My thoughts are with you all.