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Monday, June 9, 2008


Bishkek, what can I say. I hit the ground running. No serious problems. I arrived at my hotel very early. Unfortunately my room was not ready yet so I was taken to a "hut" to "make rest" this was actually quite sureal (when I get home I need to do spell checks, I am working on a dual cyrrillic english keyboard.) The hut was actually very large and my first thought was a spiritual place or a place for meditation. I can not wait to include pictures. It is killing me that I can't find the card reader. Anyway I spent the first few minutes asking myself what I have gotten myelf into. Had a short cry. (those of you who really know me know it takes lot to shake me up) But I am not here long enough to feel sorry for myself or have doubts and fears. So I pick myself up and decide to go take a shower, maybe use the toilet... Just you guys wait until you see the first toilet i used here!!! I opted out of the shower also as there was no way to secure my stuff and keep everything dry at the same time. Just before 10am (bishkek time) my room is ready. WOW. this is alot of room for just me. Very nice room save for no air conditioning. Anyway I went to see the baby..I guess we got there about 11am. No fanfare, no huge moment here the workers hand me the baby who does not know me from adam and tell me to take her outside and walk her. Now may I remind you here that it is about 100 degrees outside. and finding shade was not fun either. Our first meeting was not quite what I expected. I went back to the hotel nearly in tears. Here I must add that I slept calmly and peacefully for a few ours and dreamt of what this baby would become. But our second meeting went much much better. I was able to see her sit, and stand using my fingers to hold her. What a difference from what her medical says. Right now I must say I am thinking this whole thing through quite extensively. This is the hardest an probably so far the most important decision of my life. I talked with the Dr. at duPont briefly and will be waiting to talk to her again in the am. For now I am off for bed for a few hours. Then a very long day begins.


Lisa B and Family said...

What a whirlwind!
I hope you have time to regroup, relax and get the most out of this journey! It must feel overwhelming right now. We are sending good thoughts and best wishes your way.

Trudi said...

Take a deep breath and consult with the docs here as you are doing. Our grandbaby's medical was very scary and all of it - 100% - was wrong THANKFULLY and she is a happy healthy 15 month old who has been home 6 months and is a completely different child. While every case is different, her situation gives me hope for you at a very scary juncture in all your lives.