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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Catching up at home

Today Brian and I worked on finishing the floor in Shelby's room. Guess what?? It still is not done. LOL. I am starting to think that the floor will never be done. No wonder people pay other people to do this job. Anyway it looks good and eventually we will get it complete. We did get a few pieces laid, and we hung two more shelves. There are shelves EVERYwhere. But I have so much "stuff" I want to display. It is the only way. I tried to get current rod holders to hang the curtains.. No luck. They only carried the full curtain rod/ bracket sets at walmart. So I came home without. Walmart has also stopped selling fabric so I am now going to have to go find the fabric that my mom used to cover the toy box somewhere else. I want to cover the desk with padding covered by the same material for a changing table. I am sure it will turn up somewhere.

I got email today from John. Let me quickly just tell everyone who John is. John is the leader of a long term humanitarian mission in Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan. He and his family (wife and two children) are from Canada but have been living in Tokmok for at least a year now. When I can figure out how to do it I will add his blog site here. For now that is the link, but I know there is a better way to do it. I am also enclosing a list of the items he and his team are always asking for. I would like to take an extra suitcase on my second trip of things from the states that his team needs. If anyone is interested in helping out even something small. It will go right from my hands to his! For crafts-face paint-Tempra poster paint

Items always needed:
Childrens Tylenal,Penaten Cream ( zinc ),Multi vitamins for kids and adults,Vitamin C,& D,Calcium Supliments (for rickets),Polysporin anti bacterial cream, Advil cold and Sinus, Prenatel Vitamins, Geriatric Vitamins, Kery Lotion (or any theraputic cream), Head lice shampoo, Scabies Cream, Impitago cream, cold sore cream, Peanut butter, Craft dinner, Probiotics


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