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Sunday, June 8, 2008

London and Security woe

So I have made it 1/3 of the way. arriving in London at 1038 London time. Oh my Heathrow is a bit confusing to say the least. But lets back up to the security woe!!! Beware the hidden knee brace. Unfortunately I have been having some knee trouble (couldn't be my weight) But anyway I have ben wearing a knee brace on and off for the last month. (another sidebar... nurses don't get things checked out until something falls off or we are bleeding to death. ) Anyway I bought what I thought was a benign run of the mill knee brace for cmfort.... WRONG... hidden metal wires.. And these have caused my silly security woes. In Philly, I was escrted politely to a private room where I needed to remove the knee brace and then have it analyzed. The a pat down in London... Oh my.. anyway after a long 8 hour flight of which I slept most of the way, I am in Heathrow waiting for a gate number. Have no exchanged currency so probably will forego any postcards or memorabilia from here.

Back up even a bit more... I wanted to Thank Lorraine, brandon and Kaitlyn for sending me off at the airport. Oh and the blanket I decided to make to keep me ocupied during my flights!!! Done before I lft philly. Now what?? I guess I will figure something out.

The blanket.... I read on another blog site where a PAP made a quilt for her baby in Bishkek. The baby was able to keep the quilt with her while waiting for her court date. So I stole the idea.. Bought the fleece in New York on my way home from Vermont. A realy cool angel design. I will try to post pictures later. Cut the 2 inch fringes at home while playing with the dogs. The dogs each got wrapped in it briefly for good luck and off I went.

Anyway now I wait in London. My flight leaves here at 1:30pm London time... For those at home I think that is approximately 0830 EDT. More later..............................

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