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Saturday, June 7, 2008


Ok so my week of relaxing time with the two dogs in Vermont has come to a close. I got home this morning at 1am. And finally my stomach has started to turn flips. I did not have time this last week to worry about this next trip. But now it is here. Vermont was great, as usual. The dogs have a blast. this year we tried something new....... we slept in every morning. No breakfast.. A few days we did not even get out of bed until 9am. But we still had plenty of time to run agility courses, play frisbee, learn new tricks, herd sheep, eat wonderful food, and oh did I mention play frisbee!!! We spent a week with friends we only see once a year but somehow seem like we were never apart. and , met some great new friends as well. I will try to post some pictures later. Right now I am off to try and print off my instructions and find out how much I can actually take on the plane with me. Everyone keep their fingers and toes crossed.... And please keep our Kyrg girl in your prayers. I just hope and pray that all is well. Adoption medicals are confusing, vague, and frightening.

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Michele said...

Have a safe trip, you will be in our prayers.