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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paperwork journey

So if anyone is tracking the path of my paperwork here is the latest! As of Last Saturday my Dossier was sent (along with a prayer) to my coordinator in Colorado. There she and the girl who does the translations collated and filed many complete English/Russian documents. On Friday night July 25 at 6:45 pm my paperwork was entrusted to FEDEX yet again and was sent back towards the east coast. The papers should have arrived today in Washington D.C. Tomorrow and Thursday the papers will visit the United States Department of State. They will get yet another official certification there and then be hand delivered by get this name "The Assistant Stork" to the Kyrgyzstan Embassy. The wait then begins again. This has been taking anywhere from 2-4 weeks. My papers will then be sent to Kyrgyzstan where we will then wait again for a court date. Here is where it may get tricky. Over the last year Kyrgyzstan has been going through many changes in their adoption program. The court system has been closed for several months for adoptions while they are restructuring due to so many adoptions coming through Bishkek. The new court is made up of a committee of people now known as the ministry of education. All dossiers for Kyrgyzstan must go through them prior to being assigned a court date. Hopefully they will be assigning court dates very soon. My coordinator says we hopefully will see court dates being given starting on August 1st. Daily I say prayers and ask for help from my guardian angels to #1 help this wait be fast make my paperwork and court wait be short and #2 to watch over Shelby. I feel awful that she is not home and there is nothing I can do to speed the process.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long time between Posts

The last three weeks has kind of come and gone with not much of anything happening on the adoption front. We attended my Grandfather's funeral last Wednesday. I spoke at both my grandparent's funerals. I wish I would have summoned the courage a year ago to speak at my Mommom's funeral as well. I knew at the time I wanted to. But I was too chicken. From now on I must make it a point that the lack of courage should not hold me back. Some things we are not given a chance to "do over." This last week has been rather frustrating. As I said in one of my last posts I was awaiting the redone FBI fingerprint card. Well it still has not come. After a few days that were a little touchy about how translations should occur and how everything should be signed, notarized and certified,we finally got things straight. Then I guess I bugged enough to let me send my original fingerprints....... Friday morning I got an email from Karen " Go ahead and do it!!!!" So I ran (well drove) off to Harrisburg for my certifications. While there I met a couple who is in process of adopting a baby from Vietnam. I wish them all the luck. Vietnam is touch and go right now so I send all my prayers that they get everything done before the closing dates. But here is what we were waiting for!!!!! Pretty State Certification Seals !!!

(picture here to follow LOL)

Friday night I spent HOURS!!! HOURS!!! collating, sorting and piling 8 copies of all my documents. 14 documents in all. Papers everywhere in our office here at work. My coworkers called it "baby paper in progress" When all was said and done this is the pile! Does not look like much I guess but it was a bit heavy. (lol more pictures here)

Saturday afternoon was a trip to Fedex Kinkos. Scan the last document that needed to be sent to Elena for translation, Color photo copies of photos of me, Brian, the house and my parents, Brother, Kathy, and the kids. The nice man at Kinkos (Brian) spent alot of time trying to get the copies just right and the scanned document done. He stayed 40 minutes past his shift in order to make that happen. I have to remember to send a letter to his boss!!! Then With much Trepidation I must say MUCH fear and alot of anxiety........ I packaged up my original Dossier. All the pretty seals, Many hours worth of work and alot of help from notaries and many many people. Along with several copies..... And shipped them off to Colorado where Elena's translations will be attached...... And hopefully by the end of next week they will be off to WASHINGTON D.C.
Then we wait again.........

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Noah's Ark BAbies for fundraising

Ok so I have never tried doing my own fundraising before. I have helped. I have helped organize Horse shows, and web sites, and taken photos and handed out raffle tickets, sold cookies and bought all kinds of goodies for a various assundry of schools and organizations. Our adoption is of our own accord. So I would not ask others to fund some of my aspects of my travel. However part of my requirement for my agency (and most adoption agencies) is that the adoptive parents give money to the orphanages and other humanitarian groups the agency supports. I am also in contact with a mission team in Kyrgyzstan. I would like to help them out as well. Depending on how much I can raise I may be able to spend some extra time in Bishkek, extra time with the children and with the help of the humanitarian groups I would like to be involved with a new group that is trying to take the kids on field trips out of the orphanage. In one of my earlier posts I placed a list of things needed by the ministry group that has been in the country since February. Yesterday I was able to get involved with an awesome fundraising idea that I hope others will think is fun. Noah's ark Bears. I will be trying to host a party and have already posted to the website an online fundraiser. This is similar to Build a Bear But the party will be hopefully at a local park. (morgantown Pa area) The website is below. Bears can be purchased on the website and sent direct to the new owner to stuff and create, or bought at the party. If purchasing online in the customer comments section when signing out write in for Shelby, and a portion of each bear will be for the humanitarian part of my trip.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

USCIS paperwork ..... more good news bad news kind of day

1 week three days and 6 hours after the United States Customs change of country paperwork arrived in Philadelphia it has been sent back and we are now Approved to adopt Shelby Krystina by the United States. The man at USCIS in Philadelphia told us this would be six weeks! Wow... So unfortunately now I have to redo FBI fingerprints, but this should not take long (hopefully). Most of my papers are already sent for translation into Russian. My home study is finished being translated.
So as with all our good news lately comes more bad news... My grandfather died tonight. He was my Dad's stepfather, and my last grandparent. He was sick for a long time, now he is united with my Mommom, and hopefully S now has four guardian angels looking over her. Her Great Grandparents ! They are all missed but forever in our hearts.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chasing paper

Well I hit a small snare. Good thing I decided not to go get my certifications done in HArrisburg. I received my FBI fingerprints from my Social Worker on Monday. And the date is December. Now unfortunately Kyrg rules state this has to be within 6 months. So I have to get my fingerprints done yet again. Hopefully this will not take too long. I also received a note from the girl starting the translations. She will start my papers but says some stuff takes two weeks!!! AGGGRRRR. Humf. So much for plan A. I thought I would wait to get my certifications from the state until I have everything. But if she is telling me it will take two weeks I have to have her do them first and then do the few that I will receive later. Hopefully then it will not take two weeks. Frustrating paper chase!!
On another unfortunate note, we are waiting to lose the last of my Grandparents. My Father's stepdad, Harry or Poppop as all the grandkids called him one or the other. He is not doing well. He has had cancer and has been suffering from Alzheimer's for quite some time.
Not much else to tell. I am still hopeful and praying for a September travel date to Kyrgyzstan. Sooner if the sun the moon and the stars known as government red tape could align as one.