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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chasing paper

Well I hit a small snare. Good thing I decided not to go get my certifications done in HArrisburg. I received my FBI fingerprints from my Social Worker on Monday. And the date is December. Now unfortunately Kyrg rules state this has to be within 6 months. So I have to get my fingerprints done yet again. Hopefully this will not take too long. I also received a note from the girl starting the translations. She will start my papers but says some stuff takes two weeks!!! AGGGRRRR. Humf. So much for plan A. I thought I would wait to get my certifications from the state until I have everything. But if she is telling me it will take two weeks I have to have her do them first and then do the few that I will receive later. Hopefully then it will not take two weeks. Frustrating paper chase!!
On another unfortunate note, we are waiting to lose the last of my Grandparents. My Father's stepdad, Harry or Poppop as all the grandkids called him one or the other. He is not doing well. He has had cancer and has been suffering from Alzheimer's for quite some time.
Not much else to tell. I am still hopeful and praying for a September travel date to Kyrgyzstan. Sooner if the sun the moon and the stars known as government red tape could align as one.

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