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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long time between Posts

The last three weeks has kind of come and gone with not much of anything happening on the adoption front. We attended my Grandfather's funeral last Wednesday. I spoke at both my grandparent's funerals. I wish I would have summoned the courage a year ago to speak at my Mommom's funeral as well. I knew at the time I wanted to. But I was too chicken. From now on I must make it a point that the lack of courage should not hold me back. Some things we are not given a chance to "do over." This last week has been rather frustrating. As I said in one of my last posts I was awaiting the redone FBI fingerprint card. Well it still has not come. After a few days that were a little touchy about how translations should occur and how everything should be signed, notarized and certified,we finally got things straight. Then I guess I bugged enough to let me send my original fingerprints....... Friday morning I got an email from Karen " Go ahead and do it!!!!" So I ran (well drove) off to Harrisburg for my certifications. While there I met a couple who is in process of adopting a baby from Vietnam. I wish them all the luck. Vietnam is touch and go right now so I send all my prayers that they get everything done before the closing dates. But here is what we were waiting for!!!!! Pretty State Certification Seals !!!

(picture here to follow LOL)

Friday night I spent HOURS!!! HOURS!!! collating, sorting and piling 8 copies of all my documents. 14 documents in all. Papers everywhere in our office here at work. My coworkers called it "baby paper in progress" When all was said and done this is the pile! Does not look like much I guess but it was a bit heavy. (lol more pictures here)

Saturday afternoon was a trip to Fedex Kinkos. Scan the last document that needed to be sent to Elena for translation, Color photo copies of photos of me, Brian, the house and my parents, Brother, Kathy, and the kids. The nice man at Kinkos (Brian) spent alot of time trying to get the copies just right and the scanned document done. He stayed 40 minutes past his shift in order to make that happen. I have to remember to send a letter to his boss!!! Then With much Trepidation I must say MUCH fear and alot of anxiety........ I packaged up my original Dossier. All the pretty seals, Many hours worth of work and alot of help from notaries and many many people. Along with several copies..... And shipped them off to Colorado where Elena's translations will be attached...... And hopefully by the end of next week they will be off to WASHINGTON D.C.
Then we wait again.........

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