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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Noah's Ark BAbies for fundraising

Ok so I have never tried doing my own fundraising before. I have helped. I have helped organize Horse shows, and web sites, and taken photos and handed out raffle tickets, sold cookies and bought all kinds of goodies for a various assundry of schools and organizations. Our adoption is of our own accord. So I would not ask others to fund some of my aspects of my travel. However part of my requirement for my agency (and most adoption agencies) is that the adoptive parents give money to the orphanages and other humanitarian groups the agency supports. I am also in contact with a mission team in Kyrgyzstan. I would like to help them out as well. Depending on how much I can raise I may be able to spend some extra time in Bishkek, extra time with the children and with the help of the humanitarian groups I would like to be involved with a new group that is trying to take the kids on field trips out of the orphanage. In one of my earlier posts I placed a list of things needed by the ministry group that has been in the country since February. Yesterday I was able to get involved with an awesome fundraising idea that I hope others will think is fun. Noah's ark Bears. I will be trying to host a party and have already posted to the website an online fundraiser. This is similar to Build a Bear But the party will be hopefully at a local park. (morgantown Pa area) The website is below. Bears can be purchased on the website and sent direct to the new owner to stuff and create, or bought at the party. If purchasing online in the customer comments section when signing out write in for Shelby, and a portion of each bear will be for the humanitarian part of my trip.


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