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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paperwork journey

So if anyone is tracking the path of my paperwork here is the latest! As of Last Saturday my Dossier was sent (along with a prayer) to my coordinator in Colorado. There she and the girl who does the translations collated and filed many complete English/Russian documents. On Friday night July 25 at 6:45 pm my paperwork was entrusted to FEDEX yet again and was sent back towards the east coast. The papers should have arrived today in Washington D.C. Tomorrow and Thursday the papers will visit the United States Department of State. They will get yet another official certification there and then be hand delivered by get this name "The Assistant Stork" to the Kyrgyzstan Embassy. The wait then begins again. This has been taking anywhere from 2-4 weeks. My papers will then be sent to Kyrgyzstan where we will then wait again for a court date. Here is where it may get tricky. Over the last year Kyrgyzstan has been going through many changes in their adoption program. The court system has been closed for several months for adoptions while they are restructuring due to so many adoptions coming through Bishkek. The new court is made up of a committee of people now known as the ministry of education. All dossiers for Kyrgyzstan must go through them prior to being assigned a court date. Hopefully they will be assigning court dates very soon. My coordinator says we hopefully will see court dates being given starting on August 1st. Daily I say prayers and ask for help from my guardian angels to #1 help this wait be fast make my paperwork and court wait be short and #2 to watch over Shelby. I feel awful that she is not home and there is nothing I can do to speed the process.

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