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Saturday, July 5, 2008

USCIS paperwork ..... more good news bad news kind of day

1 week three days and 6 hours after the United States Customs change of country paperwork arrived in Philadelphia it has been sent back and we are now Approved to adopt Shelby Krystina by the United States. The man at USCIS in Philadelphia told us this would be six weeks! Wow... So unfortunately now I have to redo FBI fingerprints, but this should not take long (hopefully). Most of my papers are already sent for translation into Russian. My home study is finished being translated.
So as with all our good news lately comes more bad news... My grandfather died tonight. He was my Dad's stepfather, and my last grandparent. He was sick for a long time, now he is united with my Mommom, and hopefully S now has four guardian angels looking over her. Her Great Grandparents ! They are all missed but forever in our hearts.

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