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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well it is 6am, and I am really allergic to mornings!! I am a night shift worker and morning wake up calls are really tough for me. But the dogs and I are back out to the second day of our agility trial in Sinking Spring. More on that later. I just wanted to post here quick in case anyone finds us from the Sunday Eagle! I read the article online last night!! Pretty cool. Anyway happy Labor Day Weekend to all, and come back often for updates. I just learned how to do picture slideshows so that will be my goal for tonight and tomorrow. To get more pictures here. Just a quick not eI do not have any real good pictures of our little Miss posted here as we are not supposed to disclose her photo to anyone until she is legally ours.I will however from time to time post snipets of her, a foot here, the back of her head there. Once we have our day in court , which will most likely be October, I will share a zillion photos.

Two bits of news today. One happy, one sad. On a happy note I am tracking my Dossier as it travels the world. Last night it was in Poyle Great Britain. So it is about halfway to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The bad news, my Aunt's Dog Sissy died yesterday afternoon after having a seizure. Sissy was a German Shepherd that I spent a lot of time with last year while sitting for my Mommom while she was ill. I will post her picture later.

Ayway off to play agility, thanks for coming!!!!


Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well today is a good day for our journey. I sent an email this morning to my coordinator asking for news about our Dossier which has been at the Kyrgyzstan Embassy in D.C. since the beginning of the month. Today it has left the embassy!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!! Happy Dance Happy Dance. The power of candles at work again?? Coincidence?? I think not. I can now watch the dossier's journey across the pond via fed ex tracking. This is the fun part. I did this with my dossier that was sent to Ukraine in April. I watched as it was checked in at different cities around the world. London, France, Munich then arrival in Kiev. SO it will be fun to watch how many cities the dossier goes through on its way to its final resting place in Bishkek. My candles will burn when I am home, and I will surely light candles every Sunday night until this system is moving and our little miss along with the other kiddos are home safe. Safe journey to those documents.....

Tuesdays blog...

Well each day this week has brought a bit of good news for our group. Today (Tuesday) we got word that 5 dossiers were signed by the ministry of education in Bishkek. Congratulations to those families who waited many many months for this day. One step closer to bringing home those kiddos. Keep the candles burning we are seeing the results of a group of people who have focused their positive energy on a common goal.

News from Monday

So less then 24 hours from our virtual candle lighting ceremony we have seen evidence of the power of prayer. Today the Kyrgyzstan Ambassador to the United States visited our adoption agency. I do not have a lot of details about this other then second hand info..... But she had lunch with our coordinator, and some of the post adoptive families from Kyrgyzstan. She got to see first hand that the children who come home are loved and are flourishing.

Here we would also like to add that we are all keeping the victims of the plane crash over Bishkek and their families in our hearts and prayers.
On Sunday a passenegr plane went down six miles from Manas airport (Bishkek international). The United States Air Force sent help immediately to the site. 22 people survived. Amazing! However 77 died, including many members of a high school basketball team traveling to an event in Iran.

<<<<<<<< a moment of silence here for those who lost their lives>>>>>>>>

Overdue for an update. And many things to tell....

Well since I last wrote I have been pretty busy. I wish I could have gotten this blog on right away on Sunday night. But Oh well, better late then never right? This week has been pretty eventful so I will I guess just start where I left off.... My dates were a bit off on my last post. So I will start with editing that. Our candle light vigil was on Sunday August 24. This was a very hectic and busy day. As soon as I blew out my candles, I pretty much fell asleep. But I am getting ahead of myself........

For the last several weeks I have been reminded that I MUST attend a long overdue family picnic. If you have been reading along everyone knows that June and July were a bit hectic for our family. We lost two grandparents within several weeks of each other. So July 4th pretty much got post poned. Well being one of the Bates/Achey/Fizz/Kuchenbrod clan we love picnics (who doesn't). So a delayed picnic it was...... Or so I was told.... Everyone else was given a different story..... An Adoption Shower!!!! Very Cool!!!! As a coincidence ( I think not) Shannon came in from New York this last weekend. Saturday night her and Aaron left our house under the premise they were going to "make hay". Last weekend my Uncle Kenny shows up on his bike to make sure I am coming to the picnic!!! HMMM all coincidence???? Anyway I arrived at my Aunt Pam's to find many family members and a few friends had snuck in and guess what Shannon did NOT go to "make hay" I am pretty sure this was a much better past time then making hay. Let's see how good I am at just remembering who was there...... Brian's Mom and Sister (they had a long journey to make it here), Amber, Zoey, Lori, Jessica, Diana, Cassidy, Margo, Shannon, Colleen, Maureen, Sharon and her mom (wow this was the first I actually have seen her name as anyone besides Sharon's mom or Kathy's Grandmom.) Angele, Aunt Arlene, Aunt Pat, Shannon, Sueellen, Bee, Colette, Jessica, Madisson, Logan (the only boy), and of course the people who threw the party Aunt Pam (we'll have to see about getting you back), my mom, Kathy, and my niece Theresa. All these people are so excited about our little miss coming home. Many can't wait to spoil her. To know that one little girl so far away and with nothing is loved by so many before they have even met her is just amazing. Sad that we have to wait while paperwork in government's hands is being processed at a snails pace. But this just like anything else will pass. And once she is home I am certain we will not remember how long the interminable wait seemed to be. A huge and heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who came out to support our decision to adopt. This journey is not easy but having friends and family who support the decision makes the journey much easier. Stay tuned for one of my next posts to see pics of the shower, and also some antecdotes from attendees, little notes of encouragement for a first time mother. My sister in law and Theresa had a great time and did an awesome job with the entertainment portion of the shower. There were bingo games, fill in the blank games and baby-adult matching games. Prizes like Wawa gift cards, lottery tickets, and baskets full of goodies were handed out. WOW!!!!!!!! Kathy and Theresa also helped the little kids make t-shirts and bibs with fabric markers. And Kathy's favorite game guess the baby poop was played behind the scenes to keep the guests entertained while the gifts were being opened. FOOD was plentyful... provided by my Aunt Pam, and some of the guests. Our little miss recieved her first Shelby GT mustang from her Aunt Pam. There is a closet full of clothes and a cupboard full of sippy cups. A cookie jar is now waiting to be filled with cookies for all occasions (and the cookie jar looks like KASey). Two gifts from our little miss's great grandparents (and hopefully guardian angels) were tear jerkers. First a quilt won by my grammom while she was in the nursing home, and second the guardian angel cross that was in my mommom's casket. Both were requested to be given to our little miss by her greatgrandmothers. The orphanage was not forgotten either. Each guest was asked to bring an item to be donated to the orphanage. I have a suitcase full of items such as blankets, hats, cups, socks, sippy cups, bottles and first aid items. I guess we will need a bigger suitcase!!!!! Again thank you to ALL.

LAter back at home....................... the clock watching began. At 9:15pm candles were lit all over the house. 25 candles in all. (no signifigance to the number thats just how many I had) As I lit each candle I wished and prayed upon it. I wished by name all those children that I know that are waiting. 40-60 children are waiting for their parents to come get them right now. I do not know all their names but for those I did not know they were all prayed for. Brian joined me and we sat quietly.... talked quietly and watched the candles glow on our back porch. I sure hoped that the glow of our candles was seen and the warmth felt from here in Bernville to Washington D.C. to the west coast of the United States and the on to our little country of Kyrgyzstan. Many thoughts, prayers, mojo, juju were sent up into the night to pray for the kids waiting, that they would stay strong and healthy and safe. And most of all we prayed, meditated, and wished on candles for government approval of all of our adoptions in a timely matter. As I blew out the candles I wished upon the smoke as it spiraled up and off my porch and through the night. I wished that the wishes wished upon could filter through the air like the smoke from the candles and travel into the hearts and minds of all those who are appointed to make our adoptions happen.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Candles and Prayers

I just wanted to take a few minutes before I fall asleep to pass this along to anyone who is reading. Tonight... Sunday August 24, 2008 during the 9 pm hour the families around the country who are in the process of adoptig a child from Kyrgyzstan will be holding a candle light vigil. Prayer, Mojo, Juju, Karma, celestial celebration, however you choose or whatever each individual believes in. The main goal is draw together some of this multi/ non denominational communty to hopefully use the

power of numbers and send good thoughts (prayers,juju, karma) out into the vast space that is our world and hope that our words are heard and that they fall upon those few individuals who hold the fate of so many children in their hands.

Did anyone know ( I didn't) that the serenity prayer has many more lines then the ones we know so well???? Here is the prayer in full.


God Grant me the Serenity to

accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;

enjoying one moment at a time;

accepting hardship

as a pathway to peace.

Taking, as He did, this sinful world

as it is, not as I would have it;

trusting that He

will make things all right

if I surrender to His will;

that I may be reasonably happy

in this life

and supremely happywith Him

forever in the next.

Reinhold Niebuhr

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Diapers Diapers Diapers!!!!

Wow the chldren of Kyrgyzstan will be soon have more days with dry bums!!! While I was there in June the children ran out of dry diapers to wear. I guess it was wash day as well. This meant that the children wore their tights and when the went to the bathroom the result had to be cleaned up and the tights changed. Very messy!!! Anyway a friend of mine who KT of the Mountain (LOL). Asked me when I came home if there was anything she could get for me to take with me on my second trip. I suggested cloth diapers as they can be a very versitile commodity in an orphanage. A few weeks ago and tonight she has stocked us up with I believe now 6-8 packages of cloth diapers!!!! Those little bums won't be wet for long!! Thank you KT of the mountain!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pennies from Heaven... Or at least from Atlantic City

Yesterday 42 pennies were tossed to the sea with kisses and prayers. I know that there are at least 40 children waiting in Kyrgyzstan for their court date. That means there are forty families here in the United States waiting to bring their children home. So for everyone of those children and their families a penny was tossed to the sea with a kiss and a prayer from Our little Miss's Grammy. Wednesday evening I was chatting with my mom, who was planning her trip to Atlantic City. I asked her to toss a penny in the sea for our little miss and for all the kids waiting to come home. Well she had many hours of beach time and she told me she walked up and down the shore tossing pennies and saying prayers that the kids would come home soon. I wish I would have some pictures of this, however while Grammy was walking the beach tossing pennies Poppop was at the airshow a few miles away...... So no way to get photos. Anyway I hope those wished on pennies from Atlantic City shine on the city of Bishkek and do some magic in persuading the committee to get some dossiers approved.

I forgot..... I can add this here... as it is on the same subject... At the wedding last weekend this candle was lit for our little miss. To keep her healthy while she waits for us to come get her. The candle was lit at St. John the Evangelist Church in Philadelphia, Pa.

New Photos But No New News

Today I received photos from Kimberly who was in Bishkek visiting her new daughter the week of August 8. She traveled at the same time as Lisa B who you will remember sent me the wonderful note about their interaction with our little girl on August 8. I have been looking forward to seeing Kimberly's puictures as they had said they were able to get some. How great it is to have found the message group I am in and to have made friends with others who are traveling to see their children. As soon as our daughter belongs to us I will post the photos here that Kimberly sent. They are both heartwarming and saddening at the same time. I really thought I would have nothing but wonderful feelings seeing pictures of her and how she has grown. But tonight I am filled with the saddness of a mother unable to be able to hold a child who needs love and attention. She appears happy in some of the photos. She is interacting with another child in a few photos. Some show how tiny she really is in comparison to some of the other children who are in her groupa. Some of the children are probably half her age!! But she medically and developmentally looks like a child who is failing to thrive in her environment. I want so bad to hold her and bring her home.
I was also able to speak with my coordinator today from Colorado. No new news. The assistant deputy of the ministry of education committee did NOT show up in the office today, which we were hoping she would. No new Dossiers have been signed off and no court dates have been assigned. I sure hope this resolves by the time my papers leave D.C. which is a totally different wait time. Anyway she implied that there are some pretty (i have to refrain here from saying exactly what she said) not nice... people on the committee and their goal does not seem to be geared for the children. So for these people tonight I send out prayers to make their hearts light and send gentle but firm persuasions their way to change their "not nice" ways and think of getting the children to the help, and homes they they so desparetly deserve.
I have been searching for an already written prayer for this and just can't find one. So I will just wing it.
Tonight I pray in saddness through tears that a child a world away will soon be near.
Please God guide those keeping her there. To strike their pens and calm our fears.
Assign to those a date in court to bring the children home to our hearts...

Short but sweet hopefully effective!!! But I will leave tonight with a Poem not done by me but by an adoptive father..........................

As the moon begins to riseI catch a glimpse of almond eyesStaring back from outer space
The moon reflects your loving face.
My heart begins to yearn for youA love down deep that grows so trueI

see the moon throughout the night
My dreams of you are taking flight. So when you look upon the moon
Please know that we will be there soon
I pray reflected in its light Will be our love for you this night.
The moon must now complete its course

Let’s not regret and show remorseIt soon will rise and start anew
Reflecting love meant just for you.

Tom Fisher© February 26, 2005

Friday, August 15, 2008

A CRIB!!!!!

Well we continue to wait. With no new news out of Washington D.C. or Bishkek, or Kyrgyzstan. But we here at home continue to prepare... Well Now the little miss will have a place to sleep when she comes home. Her Grammy has made sure she has the best crib..... A custom crib no less. That matches her very Raggedy Raggedy Room... This crib will convert to a toddler bed (lets hope we do not have to convert it to a toddler bed before she comes home) And then later a twin bed. The bed was created for us by country additions furniture who also did out vanity in our bathroom. I really do love this place. Anyway come take a tour of the bedroom!!!! Oh and by the way compliments to Daddy the crib builder who had this assembled in no time flat.

Ok and for another sneak peak here is what little miss will wear the first time she leaves the Bishkek Baby House. The outifit is a compilation of Butterflies!!! The dress from Carrie at work, the sweater, hat made by her grammy, and the tights a special find from Carters by her Grammy. And then today while looking for children's shoes for the orphanage I found Butterfly shoes sz 5. I sure hope they fit!!

just missing the baby to fill those shoes!!! Come home soon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weddings 8-8-08 and 8-9-08

Prolung and Robert Mary and Adrian
8-8-08 8-9-08

Congratulations to Prolung and Robert and to Mary and Adrian. We waited a long time for these two weddings. Let me start with Prolung and Robert's. I am not sure if Prolung and Robert realize it but they played a part in the beginning of this adoption whirlwind tour we are on. Last October (see the previous blog I started under AOL) Brian and I went to the USCIS office in Philadelphia to have our fingerprints done. Afterwards we met Prolung at her house on Broad Street, and then met Robert at Fao de Cao (now I know I have that spelled wrong.... I will correct it when I get the correct spelling. We had a wonderful evening of food..... This restaurant is a Brazilian style all you can eat steak house. Very similar to our favorite place to eat in all of the United States Ohanas. On our walk to dinner we talked to Prolung about her wedding plans. She has in fact just that day decided on where they were to get married and was getting ready to make her first deposit to reserve the place. So this was in essence the beginning of a journey for both of us. Just before I left for Prolung's wedding on Friday night I received this from Lisa B. who was in Kyrgyzstan visiting her baby.

Ann, Today Kimberly and I were able to see and interact a bit with your sweet daughter. I did not know she was your Kristina until Kimberly saw her too. She was in one of the outdoor inclosed play yards and she was on her back playing with some blocks and sort of sing-song chatting to herself as she lay and played. She caught my attention (which is hard to do while I am visiting with my own bundle). She interacted with another baby while we were there and Kimberly took pictures and talked so sweetly to her about you, moma, loving her and missing her. I know when Kimberly makes it home she will contact you and send photos. She has beautiful bright inquizative eyes! Love from Kyrgyzstan!!

Well I about lost it... I had not heard anything from Kyrgyzstan since I left. So to hear that the baby is doing well made my day. I typed back to Lisa that she made my day my week and my month. Thank you So much to her for taking time to notice her and to share that she saw her.

Back to wedding stories. I was able to see
a few friends from work that I have not seen in awhile. Joanne and her husband, and Diane and her husband Pete ( Brian says thanks again for the cruise stuff!!)

Joanne, Rich, and Prolung Pete and Diane Randall

The weddings was beautiful. Then Saturday was upon us. I was one of the two photographers (I do hope the new little miss enjoys her picture took!) I had a blast. I was able to get some really nice shots of Mary and Adrian. Somehow here I want to try to figure out how to insert a slideshow. There are too many photos to post individually. OnceI figure it out come back and look!!! ( I figured it out!!!) Paul, Noah and Theresa and my sister in law were all in the wedding. They looked fabulous! But can you believe the one photo I forgot to get was them all together. ACGH!! Anyway. This week I received a second email from Lisa (again thank you so much!!!) With an interesting upside down picture of the back of the little miss's head. But even though it is just her head I was overjoyed. Here is the pic. She is the one on top head down tackling this poor other child who is innocently looking at the camera. Watch out Noah and Theresa she is a wrestler??!!

Alright now to tie this whole weekend together. I read a post done by Lisa from Kyrgyzstan. She wrote about weddings. And that there were several weddings on Friday August 8, 2008. Even in this country so totally far away, and with a totally different way of life... We share some things the same. Just as Prolund and many others in the United States chose to get married on 8-8-08 so did many in the tiny country of Kyrgyzstan. One tradition that I want to share here is the tradition thatin Bishkek on their wedding day, the Bride and Groom visit important historical monuments. The last stop usually being the Kyrgyz WWII memorial to place flowers at the eternal flame.
I would hope that I can remember this bit of Kyrgyz tradition so that in 40 years from now when we allow the little miss to finally date and get married we can share a bit of this with her on her wedding day.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The wait goes on

So I found out today that the day I originally thought was my submission day at the Kyrgyz Embassy wasn't really. Humf. Somehow the embassy asked for a different cover letter from my agency for my dossier. So the agency had to deliver a new/different cover letter. I have no idea what this means for timeline other then at least "someone" looked at the papers at the Kyrgyz Embassy. So what are we doing while waiting? Work, Work, Work. Our crib is ready as of today. So I guess some time in the next week we have to find some time to fetch it. We are dog fostering right now. Man she is cute... But just what we need is another dog..... Well we have heard that before. We'll see what happens.