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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well it is 6am, and I am really allergic to mornings!! I am a night shift worker and morning wake up calls are really tough for me. But the dogs and I are back out to the second day of our agility trial in Sinking Spring. More on that later. I just wanted to post here quick in case anyone finds us from the Sunday Eagle! I read the article online last night!! Pretty cool. Anyway happy Labor Day Weekend to all, and come back often for updates. I just learned how to do picture slideshows so that will be my goal for tonight and tomorrow. To get more pictures here. Just a quick not eI do not have any real good pictures of our little Miss posted here as we are not supposed to disclose her photo to anyone until she is legally ours.I will however from time to time post snipets of her, a foot here, the back of her head there. Once we have our day in court , which will most likely be October, I will share a zillion photos.

Two bits of news today. One happy, one sad. On a happy note I am tracking my Dossier as it travels the world. Last night it was in Poyle Great Britain. So it is about halfway to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The bad news, my Aunt's Dog Sissy died yesterday afternoon after having a seizure. Sissy was a German Shepherd that I spent a lot of time with last year while sitting for my Mommom while she was ill. I will post her picture later.

Ayway off to play agility, thanks for coming!!!!


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Margaret and Tom said...

Thanks for the link to your blog Ann! I am glad your dossier is well on its way, now about halfway there, I guess? :)