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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Photos But No New News

Today I received photos from Kimberly who was in Bishkek visiting her new daughter the week of August 8. She traveled at the same time as Lisa B who you will remember sent me the wonderful note about their interaction with our little girl on August 8. I have been looking forward to seeing Kimberly's puictures as they had said they were able to get some. How great it is to have found the message group I am in and to have made friends with others who are traveling to see their children. As soon as our daughter belongs to us I will post the photos here that Kimberly sent. They are both heartwarming and saddening at the same time. I really thought I would have nothing but wonderful feelings seeing pictures of her and how she has grown. But tonight I am filled with the saddness of a mother unable to be able to hold a child who needs love and attention. She appears happy in some of the photos. She is interacting with another child in a few photos. Some show how tiny she really is in comparison to some of the other children who are in her groupa. Some of the children are probably half her age!! But she medically and developmentally looks like a child who is failing to thrive in her environment. I want so bad to hold her and bring her home.
I was also able to speak with my coordinator today from Colorado. No new news. The assistant deputy of the ministry of education committee did NOT show up in the office today, which we were hoping she would. No new Dossiers have been signed off and no court dates have been assigned. I sure hope this resolves by the time my papers leave D.C. which is a totally different wait time. Anyway she implied that there are some pretty (i have to refrain here from saying exactly what she said) not nice... people on the committee and their goal does not seem to be geared for the children. So for these people tonight I send out prayers to make their hearts light and send gentle but firm persuasions their way to change their "not nice" ways and think of getting the children to the help, and homes they they so desparetly deserve.
I have been searching for an already written prayer for this and just can't find one. So I will just wing it.
Tonight I pray in saddness through tears that a child a world away will soon be near.
Please God guide those keeping her there. To strike their pens and calm our fears.
Assign to those a date in court to bring the children home to our hearts...

Short but sweet hopefully effective!!! But I will leave tonight with a Poem not done by me but by an adoptive father..........................

As the moon begins to riseI catch a glimpse of almond eyesStaring back from outer space
The moon reflects your loving face.
My heart begins to yearn for youA love down deep that grows so trueI

see the moon throughout the night
My dreams of you are taking flight. So when you look upon the moon
Please know that we will be there soon
I pray reflected in its light Will be our love for you this night.
The moon must now complete its course

Let’s not regret and show remorseIt soon will rise and start anew
Reflecting love meant just for you.

Tom Fisher© February 26, 2005

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I'm sharing in your heartache today. Beautiful little prayer you've written for those who hold the fate of our families in their hands. Can't wait to see the new pictures you have of little Shelby! Hang in there - we'll get our girls home!