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Thursday, August 28, 2008

News from Monday

So less then 24 hours from our virtual candle lighting ceremony we have seen evidence of the power of prayer. Today the Kyrgyzstan Ambassador to the United States visited our adoption agency. I do not have a lot of details about this other then second hand info..... But she had lunch with our coordinator, and some of the post adoptive families from Kyrgyzstan. She got to see first hand that the children who come home are loved and are flourishing.

Here we would also like to add that we are all keeping the victims of the plane crash over Bishkek and their families in our hearts and prayers.
On Sunday a passenegr plane went down six miles from Manas airport (Bishkek international). The United States Air Force sent help immediately to the site. 22 people survived. Amazing! However 77 died, including many members of a high school basketball team traveling to an event in Iran.

<<<<<<<< a moment of silence here for those who lost their lives>>>>>>>>

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