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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pennies from Heaven... Or at least from Atlantic City

Yesterday 42 pennies were tossed to the sea with kisses and prayers. I know that there are at least 40 children waiting in Kyrgyzstan for their court date. That means there are forty families here in the United States waiting to bring their children home. So for everyone of those children and their families a penny was tossed to the sea with a kiss and a prayer from Our little Miss's Grammy. Wednesday evening I was chatting with my mom, who was planning her trip to Atlantic City. I asked her to toss a penny in the sea for our little miss and for all the kids waiting to come home. Well she had many hours of beach time and she told me she walked up and down the shore tossing pennies and saying prayers that the kids would come home soon. I wish I would have some pictures of this, however while Grammy was walking the beach tossing pennies Poppop was at the airshow a few miles away...... So no way to get photos. Anyway I hope those wished on pennies from Atlantic City shine on the city of Bishkek and do some magic in persuading the committee to get some dossiers approved.

I forgot..... I can add this here... as it is on the same subject... At the wedding last weekend this candle was lit for our little miss. To keep her healthy while she waits for us to come get her. The candle was lit at St. John the Evangelist Church in Philadelphia, Pa.

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