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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weddings 8-8-08 and 8-9-08

Prolung and Robert Mary and Adrian
8-8-08 8-9-08

Congratulations to Prolung and Robert and to Mary and Adrian. We waited a long time for these two weddings. Let me start with Prolung and Robert's. I am not sure if Prolung and Robert realize it but they played a part in the beginning of this adoption whirlwind tour we are on. Last October (see the previous blog I started under AOL) Brian and I went to the USCIS office in Philadelphia to have our fingerprints done. Afterwards we met Prolung at her house on Broad Street, and then met Robert at Fao de Cao (now I know I have that spelled wrong.... I will correct it when I get the correct spelling. We had a wonderful evening of food..... This restaurant is a Brazilian style all you can eat steak house. Very similar to our favorite place to eat in all of the United States Ohanas. On our walk to dinner we talked to Prolung about her wedding plans. She has in fact just that day decided on where they were to get married and was getting ready to make her first deposit to reserve the place. So this was in essence the beginning of a journey for both of us. Just before I left for Prolung's wedding on Friday night I received this from Lisa B. who was in Kyrgyzstan visiting her baby.

Ann, Today Kimberly and I were able to see and interact a bit with your sweet daughter. I did not know she was your Kristina until Kimberly saw her too. She was in one of the outdoor inclosed play yards and she was on her back playing with some blocks and sort of sing-song chatting to herself as she lay and played. She caught my attention (which is hard to do while I am visiting with my own bundle). She interacted with another baby while we were there and Kimberly took pictures and talked so sweetly to her about you, moma, loving her and missing her. I know when Kimberly makes it home she will contact you and send photos. She has beautiful bright inquizative eyes! Love from Kyrgyzstan!!

Well I about lost it... I had not heard anything from Kyrgyzstan since I left. So to hear that the baby is doing well made my day. I typed back to Lisa that she made my day my week and my month. Thank you So much to her for taking time to notice her and to share that she saw her.

Back to wedding stories. I was able to see
a few friends from work that I have not seen in awhile. Joanne and her husband, and Diane and her husband Pete ( Brian says thanks again for the cruise stuff!!)

Joanne, Rich, and Prolung Pete and Diane Randall

The weddings was beautiful. Then Saturday was upon us. I was one of the two photographers (I do hope the new little miss enjoys her picture took!) I had a blast. I was able to get some really nice shots of Mary and Adrian. Somehow here I want to try to figure out how to insert a slideshow. There are too many photos to post individually. OnceI figure it out come back and look!!! ( I figured it out!!!) Paul, Noah and Theresa and my sister in law were all in the wedding. They looked fabulous! But can you believe the one photo I forgot to get was them all together. ACGH!! Anyway. This week I received a second email from Lisa (again thank you so much!!!) With an interesting upside down picture of the back of the little miss's head. But even though it is just her head I was overjoyed. Here is the pic. She is the one on top head down tackling this poor other child who is innocently looking at the camera. Watch out Noah and Theresa she is a wrestler??!!

Alright now to tie this whole weekend together. I read a post done by Lisa from Kyrgyzstan. She wrote about weddings. And that there were several weddings on Friday August 8, 2008. Even in this country so totally far away, and with a totally different way of life... We share some things the same. Just as Prolund and many others in the United States chose to get married on 8-8-08 so did many in the tiny country of Kyrgyzstan. One tradition that I want to share here is the tradition thatin Bishkek on their wedding day, the Bride and Groom visit important historical monuments. The last stop usually being the Kyrgyz WWII memorial to place flowers at the eternal flame.
I would hope that I can remember this bit of Kyrgyz tradition so that in 40 years from now when we allow the little miss to finally date and get married we can share a bit of this with her on her wedding day.

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Trudi said...

How wonderful you were able to get a sighting! I know you will treasure those photos and hope that you don't have to wait much longer.