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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Flea Market October 11th

WOW a third post in less then 12 hours!!! I am obviously at work and up to nothing better with my time.

Anyway just thought I would post about our upcoming Flea Market... Yes we have dogs... but no we are not selling their fleas... And S from CA I hope you did not send those fleas packing toward the east coast for me to sell. Actually we have been lucky for the last two years to have no fleas. he farm/ dogs have been flea free and have not even had to have flea treatment. Must be good work being done by our chickens. Ok rambling again......

We have been trying to decide what to do for a fundraiser for some of the fees required by the agency. $340 for the workers at the orphanage. $350 humanitarian aide fund to be distributed to local hospitals and groups in Bishkek. $150 to be used for a blind group in Bishkek donated in the name of our agency. This is all humanitarian work so we kind of figured it would not be asking people to fund our adoption or expenses. Extra cash for those expensive plane rides is always welcomed though. HEHEHEHEHEHE!!! So on craigs list I posted a donation items wanted, I am picking up some items from some local people this weekend. Thank you to them!!! My big thank you will go out to Lorraine and Jay, who want their house CLEANED OUT. So I will be trekking to their place and emptying the contents into a truck for the flea market. (again no fleas allowed). This weekend Brian and I will be collecting "stuff" from our house. Anything not nailed down will be leaving. Watch out dogs better nail those tails to the floor. This is kind of fun and actually gives me a short term goal to look forward to. Check back on the 12th to see how we did!!!!!! OOOO and anyone reading in our area (Reading PA) come on out and buy stuff!!! Or if you have something you want to get rid of???? Let me know I'll try and come pick it up!!!!!!


Sloan said...

We just treated our dog and cat for fleas out here in CA! Everyone's so itchy! Good luck with the fundraising! We are still paying off out adoptions!

Ann said...

So far no loans.... But may need to take a a loan for the last little bit... Thanks! Donations from many people are almost staggering... Hope I sell it all or its off to goodwill!!!!