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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An inch of good news and a yard of uncertainty

I woke up today ( working nights so waking up is 5pm!!) To find an email from K our in country coordinator addressed to all the families that currently have paperwork in Bishkek waiting for approval. Over the weekend there was a heartwrenching fiasco of negative vibes and activity that stemmed from some information given out by another PAP from her agency. (wow what a run on sentence) Anyway the rumor started out as nailbiting frightening news. An article had run in a Bishkek newspaper saying that adoptive parents are not being screened enough and the adoption process should be looked at. Well hello people isn't this what JUST happened. The government JUST restructured the program just initiated the Ministry of Education and a committee of folks to review dossiers. Anyway I am rambling on. The rumor that an article ran is true. The rumor that things are closing is not true. Slowing down?? No idea. If you are already moving at the speed of a snail how can you move any slower???

But the good news out of K's email today....... is we appear to be an inch closer to Little Miss. Its funny because I remember reading this same post from my California Blog/Bishkek Tag team partner a few weeks ago...... Our paperwork has been approved through the ministry!!!! And that makes 8 dossiers from our agency that are "pending a signature" That is the good news. The yard of uncertainty is the paperwork must now be signed by one person to approve its passage on to court. This person has been making him/herself unavailable for different reasons for the last few weeks. From hangnail to suffering from elephantitis of the fingers..... To just plain I am too busy come back tomorrow...... AAAAAAAAAAAAA

So anyway an ounce of good news for the day. Any news is better then none at all or bad I guess. So to celebrate an ounce or an inch of good news here is a photo!!!


Christina said...

That is great news. I am hoping and praying that the one person will get over whatever keeps them from working and signs your papers. Keeping you in my thoughts fellow night shift nurse.

Ann said...

Thanks Christina.... I have been a night owl nurse for 17 years. Wonder if I can keep the baby on Bishkek time when I get her home? Then we would be on the same schedule!! LOL...

Sloan said...

I love this photo! Here's to the good new! Yeah! We'll keep praying and trusting alongside you Ann!

Ann said...

Thanks Sloan!!! Me too. The big picture shows her doing butt ups on the bench.. Just an awesome sign that she is a fighter!!