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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Play yard

Not much to tell today. We spent the day inside while Hurricane Hanna churned up the weather outside. Not too bad, a day of heavy rain and this evening some wind. It was muggy and humid but right now it is so wonderful to have the windows open and feel the wind coming in the windows. Being shut inside with the air conditioner on is just getting old. I am ready for this fall weather to stay.

My new found obsession (well on top of email, yahoogroups, and stalking blogs) is Craig's List. So far I have found a brand new crib mattress, an awesome standing activity table, and tonight the big catch!! The play yard!! I have been hunting these fellows for awhile. They are not made anymore but apparently highly sought after and still are sold for almost what they sold new. But tonight I hit jackpot with the help of craig's list. The mother of TWIN girls, unloading her Today's Kids playards. Thats right not one but TWO. This is my portable play room. Two of them together will hold the toys and child in while keeping the goofy dogs OUT... Now we can set up the play area in the basement and get out the toys!!!

Ahhh and not to forget!!!!
Tonight is Sunday!
Candle Night!!!
This is week three of our group candle vigil! I have had a candle burning almost all the time when I am home. And Tonight the candles will burn and glow again in the night. Mojo, Juju, Prayers, Wishing Stars Four leaf clover, lucky rabbits feet, shiny pennys in a well, whatever you personaly believe in!!! I personally have a nice combination of almost all of the above. One thing I do the most is chat with my four grandparents/ guardian angels. (at least the four I know). Poppop, Grammom, Mommom Gordon and Harry. I am sure they have a hand in taking turns watching out for our little miss. For now I am off to do just that, have a chat with the angels before getting some sleep.
Good Night/ Good Morning Bishkek

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Corinne said...

I remember seeing your little girl on one of the child waiting list.I am soo happy sweet Shelby Cristina has a home.I Pray you will be able to get her soon!I will continue to join in on Sunday evenings so that we can all bring home our little ones soon.I am so exited for you.Have fun shopping!I will continue to follow your journey.