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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Poyle Great Britain and The End of Summer

It would not be a Lesson in Geography if I every once in awhile did not insert some educational material. So my Geography lesson is "where in the world is Poyle Great Britain?" Well, if I can increase my computer skills some more I will try to insert a map here. But in words Poyle, Great Britain is just west of Heathrow airport. Ok for those like me who know that Heathrow is somewhere near London..... Heathrow is due south of London. London is in the southern portion of Great Britain. Evidently Poyle is a large receiving area for Federal Express packages. And... since this was Labor day weekend, our dossier has had a three day holdiday in the lovely southern Great Britain.

Labor Day Weekend overview.... While our paperwork sits and waits, The dogs and I spent the weekend at an agility trial. Not the best trial weekend we have had, but we had a fun weekend. Sabyr got her Novice Standard title, and a qualifying run in Jumpers class. Kasey ran her first trial and did well but failed to let the teeter come all the way to the ground before racing off to the next obstacle. She had a blast though. And Ripley??? He left his brains at home this weekend. Sure never picks the opportune time to leave brains behind as a weekend at an agility trial is not exactly a cheap weekend of fun.

Sunday night we lit candles again for all the kiddos waiting. Hopefully we will continue to see progress each week.

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