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Friday, September 26, 2008

Sad, blue, frustrated, ANGRY

So another week of frustration and feelings of this never coming to an end. Another week of no news for the kids waiting for us to come back for them. We did hear last week of one family who has received a court date? Another week has passed and the last member of the MOE has not signed off on the dossiers that are sitting just waiting for his/her signature. I just don't freaking (as this is a G rated blog I won't use the language I REALLY want to use) understand. Ne Ponimayu !!! Pragalista sign the papers already!! I will echo the sentiments of a fellow blogger. The new committee was formed to "SUPPOSEDLY" streamline the process. Why on earth would they appoint/elect members to this committee if the person either has an attitude of resentment towards adoption or foreigners or for whatever reason he or she just refuses to SIGN THE PAPERS. They obviously do not have the best interests of the kids in mind. Either that or part of their grand scheme is to bring the spoiled foreigners into their country when the temperature dips to sub zero and we all complain about the cold and lack of winter preparedness planning. Kind of hard to enjoy what looked like a beautiful mountainside when it will be frigid when we return. Its starting to look like I should search for some longjohns to pack in the suitcase. Anyway can you tell by my tone that I am a bit sarcastic, and very peeved off right now. A few hours ago over our message board came a rumor that set me into first a fit of tears. I left the house and started crying while I was driving. Now if we go back a few months one of my entries reiterates that it takes something big to set me to tears... I get upset and have been blue alot. But tears are not the norm. Poor Brian just had no idea what to even say or do. What could he say??? He's trying the best he can.... Then I was able to talk to Shannon who is out of th country right now.... That made things a little better... But then my blueness turned to anger.. And right now...... I would rather feel angry then sad.... So for right now Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, male or female, I hope that you can sense the anger that is directed straight at you right now. The children are the ones suffering and you Mr or Mrs ot sign the papers person do not seem to care. But even angry I want you to know that we are good people, we will provide the children with the best homes we can, with all the best that we can offer them, we have jumped through your country's hoops, we've signed extra papers paid extra costs, all we ask is for you to SIGN THE PAPERS!!!!!



Christina said...

AMEN!!!! I have been wondering everyday what is their problem? The new rumor you are referring to has me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see if it is actually true!! I really really hope not.

Ann said...

I hope we hear from K over the weekend. Supposedly she has been talking to our coordinator in Kyrgyz everyday. Maybe she knows something. I know that myself and one other person emailed her tonight. One other PAP had talked to her early in the day, and nothing was mentioned. So I am thinking that this is someone turning things around. Its all giving me more grey hairs and an ulcer from the constant worry.