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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This and That / and for Brian (Daddy)

Can you tell I am sitting at the computer??? Two posts in less then 12 hours. Still unfortunately no news... and now........ no news....... now???? nope still no news....

Ok so seriously Brian asked me to send him a link to our blog tonight ( which he has.... but just keeps misplacing). When I asked him why he sent me a link to his forum he is own. All car related stuff. Ok so Let me stop for a second. Brian loves Mustangs... And our little miss is being named after a Legendary Mustang person. But he evidently has been posting to his group about our adventures in adoption. While reading over the forum I was choked up a bit at the posts Brian has written. He started out as very leary about being a parent. And International Adoption even made him more faint of heart. But I finally convinced him this is something I wanted and have felt very strongly about for many years. So last year he finally said do what I need to do.... And one year later he is posting on forums about our journey. One person openly blasted him and told him he should think about the children here in our country who need homes. But after a very well thought out and well worded post from Brian this person kind of tucked his tale and in no uncertain terms apologized as he really did not understand anything about domestic or international adoption. People who do not know about adoption at all think that adopting domestically is as easy as "putting an ad in the paper". YIKES.... If it was only that easy. Not to say that for some it may be that easy. There are stories of people who just know someone who wants to give up a child for adoption and the deal can be made and the only fees paid are court/legal fees. But these are exceptions to the rule. In fact this kind of thing almost happened for us a year ago. And kind of started our adoption process. We found out that a friend's girlfriend was pregnant and they had decided to give the baby up for adoption. Well timing is just everything as we all know. The friend and girlfriend had already signed on with an adoption agency to try to find a match for them. They had no idea that Brian and I would have been interested in adopting the baby. But from there we said wow if this situation were to ever happen again we need to be prepared. So the home study process began. I haven't posted too much looking back about Brian so Brian..... This Blog entry is for you!!! Your thoughts and words tonight on the message board were over and above. You may not show it or say it but I think you are secretly more ready and more excited about being a Daddy then you let on. And you definitely have been listening to what has been going on even though I did not think you were.

Love ya.

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