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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Uh OH!!!

Well Little Miss,

I just need to tell you something about your Grammy. Not to worry she is ok. However while trying to make your nursery number 2 at Grammy's house a beautiful place for a butterfly to fly away to.......... She kind of slipped.....and fell....... off the ladder.... onto her arm. Ouch!! She got a ride in an ambulance... Then the doctors at the hospital had to give her some medicine to make the ouch go away, and then give it a tug back into the right place... (It was dislocated) We joked with her that we needed pictures for the blog, but she did not quite like the idea. You will have to give grammy a huge hug and one great big smile that I know you are good at when you get to meet her. Hopefully that will be soon.

Some good email friends will be coming by to see you in a few weeks. They will be able to give you a hug from me, and take some more pictures. Could you be sure to tell the nice ladies you would like a better hairdo this time.. Actually some hair would do!!! They are also going to try to get Mommy some new Measurements of you, so don't worry we just want to see if you will fit in your butterfly outfit to come home!! I sure hope so its just too cute, and it is waiting for you to fill it. Hope you will like purple and dresses!!!

Love Mommy

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Corinne said...

Little Miss is a very lucky little girl who will be so loved by her mommy and family.Hope her grammy is doing fine after her fall. Hang in there, little Miss will come home soon.Continued positive thoughts coming your way!