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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wait til October then call me

Unfortunately that is my news for today. I called my in country coordinator last evening, and her response was that my papers will sit at the ministry in Bishkek for at least a month before being signed. Thursday marks week two. So my coordinator told me to call back in October if I had not heard anything. This was less then a warm and fuzzy conversation.

For the most part my entries ave been upbeat and promising. This week starts with no good news, and a heavy heart. I am sad, I am frustrated. I feel as if I am watching for a pot to boil and it never does. Tuesday in Bishkek came and went. And while there was a miniscule amount of activity, there are still no court dates. The families who have been waiting for 6 months still have no news as to when they can bring their kids home.

So I am going to attempt to stop watching the pot. I am going to step away from the computer... I am going to go focus my attention on what is here now. The dogs will have two agility events in October, so I will be training for that. Maybe even try to lose some weight???!!!! Get in shape!!! Finish my house!!! Have some fall fun???


Jes said...

At this point I think the best thing we can do is stay pre-occupied. I've been working more than 90 hours a week to try and save up money...but really, it's helped me to keep my mind off things - and by things I mean my baby.

Today for whatever reason it is hitting me hard and I'm sad!

Hang in there. We'll all get through this together.


Christina said...

I am so sorry you got such crummy news. If you are like me, you're mind is staying focused on going back and it is hard to concentrate on anything else. I try to stay upbeat because of Lindze but it is so hard knowing you have another child elsewhere. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that the next month flies by and you get good news soon!

Matt and Pam Bean said...

Join the crowd, as one who has waited for 6 months. I too have been pre-occupied with that vacation we hadn't gotten around to, our animals, work, going to mountains for a break from technology. Hang in there from another boiling pot watcher. Okay, so that didn't sound so good, but you get my point. I'll hang in there with you. She will come home