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Friday, October 31, 2008

80 - 08 (28 YEARS!!!!!)

In 1980 Tug McGraw celebrates the win over the Royals ... I remember this like it was yesterday!!!!!

But for 28 years........... The Curse Plagued The Philadelphia Phillies

The Curse of Billy Penn





October 29, 2008

The Philadelhpia Phillies are once again WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to the 2008 World Series Champion
Philadelphia Phillies!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kate and George

Nothing on the Bishkek front. Another Tuesday gone... a short post today.. First another good friend of ours will be heading for scheduled surgery today. George has been our friend and one of the dogs' favorite people. Every Thursday night for the last 6 years (has it been this long!!! Maybe longer!!!) Dodger, Ripley, Kasey, Sabyr, Ryott, or Hannah and I have gone to George's for dog training classes. My dogs all know what night of the week it is! And all we have to do is say we are going to George's and the dogs go ballistic. Every week one or two get to have their turn at class. Anyway, today George will be having his third surgery in and out hopefully, but since this has become my place to go for well wishes I am sending this out in hopes that all will be well.

Kate ---- Kate Cronan is our IA doc who has reviewed our Little Miss's medical information. I send her all my updates and updated pictures. She is an extremely busy woman. She is a mother of three, two biological children and an adopted daughter from Korea. For many years she was the head of The Emergency Department at A.I. duPont in Wilmington, Delaware. She now heads a child outreach program at the hospital called Kids Health. As busy as she is I was still able to speak with her on the phone when I was in Kyrgyzstan on my first trip. I will forever be greatful for the long phone conversation we had during my trip. (not the cost of it as my phone card ran out!!) But anyway this post is to congratulate her for her appearance on The TODAY show yesterday morning. Awesome!!!! The feed can be found here......

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The wait goes on. and on..... and on....

My email has been such a blessing. I receive words of encouragement from friends, support from other PAP's, and NEW PHOTOS every once in awhile. The angels above are compliments of KT of the MT. She sent them in an email titled "Angels for the little Miss" There are more I will add them sporadically. I thought they were all cool. I added the first as she is holding a candle, and since I could not be home again to light my candles this angel was my candle in place of my real home candles. I sure wish,hope,pray, send juju, mojo, voodoo, celestial happenings, anything that this Sunday's candles would bring some good news for this week.

Anyway the best news I have had in a long time came tonight in the way of email photos from a family who just returned from Bishkek. This was the third round of photos from other families and I cherish every single one of them. So thank you to D who just returned, and to Kimberly my weekly email pen pal, and to L. I just can not thank you enough.

Well anyway no new news to report.....

But I guess I never did a flea market update from last weekend. So I can add that now...... If I ever get the hair brained idea again to do a flea market someone needs to remind me to just donate everything to Jubillee, or where ever and do an extra day at work. The upside.... The kids had a blast. Theresa helped us unload the truck, fell over the breadbox and scuffed her knees at O dark hundred, but she was having a blast collecting quarters and shuffling goods. We were in constant state of moving items. It seemed every time we would move something someone would buy it. Paulie got there later in the morning and he was being a great salesman with a great sales pitch. Noah showed up last.... Too bad no one took him serious because he was selling everything for one hundred dollars!!! Upside number two I was able to help Lorraine and Lori get some stuff out of their houses. Upside number three I now have strollers, car seats, and all the pretty pink fancy dresses, that we will need for the next year!!! This little girl, who does not know it, has a room full of awesome little girl clothes and toys!!! So a huge thank you goes out to Lorraine for all the "stuff" and to my sister in law and the kids and cousin Lori, and the others who I did not even know who donated items for our flea market!! Paul, Theresa, and Noah got a bit of cash from the sale to thank them for working so hard! My sister in law had a blast sorting clothes! And my mom shuffled everyone back and forth and went along for my ride to Lori's and Lorriane's. Also have to add a Thank You to my dad for supplying the truck. The perks of working for a trucking company!!! Oh well to those who have read all the way here is a snippet of a photo... a bit more then feet like my last snippet!!! But still not the full Little Miss... Oh I can't wait for the day when I can share full photos with everyone out there. Maybe soon! It would be so nice to be getting her for her Birthday....
I love these shoes!!!! I simply must find a pair while we are in Kyrgyzstan

Sunday, October 12, 2008

One Year Ago

One year ago this journey began. I started a blog on my original AOL blog the night before our first home study visit. Looking back we have come a long way! Hopefully this journey to our Kyrgyz princess is almost complete. Still no news as to when that will be. So we will wait. Several weeks ago My wait turned me into a miserable rather depressed human being. I had a hard time even leaving my bedroom and spent all my time on the computer. Yikes I was sad. However I have turned that around for now. Trying and succeeding in staying busy. Way too busy as a matter of fact. Later tonight I will blog about my weekend adventures... But for now I wanted to write about the beginning of our adoption journey. Below is a excerpt from my day one blog!!

My initial home study visit. I hope and pray I am being led in the right direction. I hope that tonight halfway around the world there is a small girl who needs me. And that she is calling to me for a friend, a family, a mom and a dad. Be well my child and know that I will do my best to come for you. Please guide us on our journey. Somehow bring me to where I need to be and at the perfect time.
October 12,2007

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Surgery went well

Yesterday Noreen had her surgery for her aneurysm. The surgery went well!! Yeah... She was out of surgery in about 5 hours. Her repair was successful. She spent several hours on a ventilator then was allowed to wake up. She was complaining of a really bad headache, but other then that seemed fine! Thank you to everyone who asked about her and sent out well wishes. I will relay them on to her. I will probably see her Monday.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My candle tonight

My candles tonight had a different meaning. We all want the kids to come home. We all want our children to be a part of our life, and we all want our waiting to be over. So for this yes I did wish and pray and send out the mojo to the other side of the world......... But tonight A very dear friend and coworker went to church. Her congregation sponsoring a prayer service for her. You see on Wednesday she will have a craniotomy. Noreen is an extremely talented, extremely smart individual. She has saved and changed the lives of so many children; Not only in the United States but around the world. Noreen helped start the Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team at our hospital over 13 years ago. During her 13 years she has spent many hours in an ambulance, in a helicopter, and in the ICU dedicated to saving the lives of children here in the US. Outside the United States, Noreen has ben a mission leader many many times for Operation Smile. She has helped screen, and provide Operating and recovery room nursing care for children of almost every continent needing craniofacial surgery. Yes cleft lips and palates!!! Several months ago she was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. Many tests, scans, a blood draws later; and after much soul searching, Noreen will have a full craniotomy, be on a ventilator for at least 24 hours and will have a bolt to monitor the pressure in her brain. Hopefully Noreen will make a full recovery. Her worst fear is that she will no longer be capable of caring for children. So I am asking for prayers, mojo, juju, and everything else to be sent out to Noreen, her family and most of all her surgeon, for a complete and full recovery.

On a second medical note.... Julianna, the little girl burned in the campfire a few weeks ago, is home and recoverng well. She seems to be no worse for the wear save for some scars...... Mom however still gets teary when she tells the story!!!! Thank you from myself and her mom to all who took a moment to think of her.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Faith/ a new saying

Ok so same church, same sign.... 4 months later.

Faith turns closed caves into tunnels....

Thought it interesting as we are faced with a snafu type roadblock right now.....

My saying from 4 months ago and can be found in a June post...

Patience is trusting in God's timing.....

Candles to that!!!