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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kate and George

Nothing on the Bishkek front. Another Tuesday gone... a short post today.. First another good friend of ours will be heading for scheduled surgery today. George has been our friend and one of the dogs' favorite people. Every Thursday night for the last 6 years (has it been this long!!! Maybe longer!!!) Dodger, Ripley, Kasey, Sabyr, Ryott, or Hannah and I have gone to George's for dog training classes. My dogs all know what night of the week it is! And all we have to do is say we are going to George's and the dogs go ballistic. Every week one or two get to have their turn at class. Anyway, today George will be having his third surgery in and out hopefully, but since this has become my place to go for well wishes I am sending this out in hopes that all will be well.

Kate ---- Kate Cronan is our IA doc who has reviewed our Little Miss's medical information. I send her all my updates and updated pictures. She is an extremely busy woman. She is a mother of three, two biological children and an adopted daughter from Korea. For many years she was the head of The Emergency Department at A.I. duPont in Wilmington, Delaware. She now heads a child outreach program at the hospital called Kids Health. As busy as she is I was still able to speak with her on the phone when I was in Kyrgyzstan on my first trip. I will forever be greatful for the long phone conversation we had during my trip. (not the cost of it as my phone card ran out!!) But anyway this post is to congratulate her for her appearance on The TODAY show yesterday morning. Awesome!!!! The feed can be found here......

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