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Sunday, October 5, 2008

My candle tonight

My candles tonight had a different meaning. We all want the kids to come home. We all want our children to be a part of our life, and we all want our waiting to be over. So for this yes I did wish and pray and send out the mojo to the other side of the world......... But tonight A very dear friend and coworker went to church. Her congregation sponsoring a prayer service for her. You see on Wednesday she will have a craniotomy. Noreen is an extremely talented, extremely smart individual. She has saved and changed the lives of so many children; Not only in the United States but around the world. Noreen helped start the Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team at our hospital over 13 years ago. During her 13 years she has spent many hours in an ambulance, in a helicopter, and in the ICU dedicated to saving the lives of children here in the US. Outside the United States, Noreen has ben a mission leader many many times for Operation Smile. She has helped screen, and provide Operating and recovery room nursing care for children of almost every continent needing craniofacial surgery. Yes cleft lips and palates!!! Several months ago she was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. Many tests, scans, a blood draws later; and after much soul searching, Noreen will have a full craniotomy, be on a ventilator for at least 24 hours and will have a bolt to monitor the pressure in her brain. Hopefully Noreen will make a full recovery. Her worst fear is that she will no longer be capable of caring for children. So I am asking for prayers, mojo, juju, and everything else to be sent out to Noreen, her family and most of all her surgeon, for a complete and full recovery.

On a second medical note.... Julianna, the little girl burned in the campfire a few weeks ago, is home and recoverng well. She seems to be no worse for the wear save for some scars...... Mom however still gets teary when she tells the story!!!! Thank you from myself and her mom to all who took a moment to think of her.

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Christina said...

I will be sure to keep Noreen in my prayers. I hope she makes a full recovery and gets back to doing what the Lord put her on this earth to do. Keep us updated.