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Sunday, October 12, 2008

One Year Ago

One year ago this journey began. I started a blog on my original AOL blog the night before our first home study visit. Looking back we have come a long way! Hopefully this journey to our Kyrgyz princess is almost complete. Still no news as to when that will be. So we will wait. Several weeks ago My wait turned me into a miserable rather depressed human being. I had a hard time even leaving my bedroom and spent all my time on the computer. Yikes I was sad. However I have turned that around for now. Trying and succeeding in staying busy. Way too busy as a matter of fact. Later tonight I will blog about my weekend adventures... But for now I wanted to write about the beginning of our adoption journey. Below is a excerpt from my day one blog!!

My initial home study visit. I hope and pray I am being led in the right direction. I hope that tonight halfway around the world there is a small girl who needs me. And that she is calling to me for a friend, a family, a mom and a dad. Be well my child and know that I will do my best to come for you. Please guide us on our journey. Somehow bring me to where I need to be and at the perfect time.
October 12,2007


Sloan said...

Oh Ann, my thoughts are with you as you wait. Your journal entry brought tears to my eyes. Oh how I wish it would all happen more quickly! I have found that when we ask for the perfect timing...we often must wait for God's best. I will be the first celebrating with you when you hear the good news!

Ann said...

Thanks Sloan, It is good to have so many people cheering for us. I do wish we would get some good news soon!! Please let this be the week! WHen we get her home I hope some day our girls can meet!!!

Ann said...

and us too