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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

h Kelly and Gingus Turkey granted pardon at

Double L Stables in Argyle NY!!!!

Kelly and Gingus say


Happy Turkey Day to All! I have been pretty quiet lately ( I think most of us have). All still waiting, waiting, waiting. Evidently rumors of last week were just rumors. Nothing Nadda zilch zippo on paperwork being signed. Our Christmas miracle is starting to look a little grim. I have had many many good days lately, and I should have a light heart knowing that I will see our Little Miss in just under a week. I will get a chance to celebrate her birthday with her and hopefully with everyone involved in her care. But this trip is bittersweet. I was hoping to be able to postpone it for "THE BIG ONE". But alas that is not to be so in 4 days I will board a plane for trip 2 of 3. I can't wait to meet N, another PAP who will be there visiting, and I have been given the opportunity to have a traditional Kyrgyz meal in a traditional Kyrgyz household on Saturday night of my trip. Hopefully accompanied by N! John Wright and his team have graciously offered an invitation to join a meal in Orlofka! I really can't wait to meet the family ( family with BIG MEAN DOG) The only stipulation on the event is that I bring home pictures! Which for those who already know me is absolutely NO PROBLEM. Can't wait to post about the trip details.

I must comment on last weekend. Very filled with events. On Friday I attended the Program put on by the U.S. Department of Education. The keynote speaker was Zamira Sydykova ( I am sure I have to change that spelling and I apologize in advance that it is not spelled correctly) The United States Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan. Another PAP, P, who works at the Dept of Education was instrumental in pulling off the program. The event was the first time that the U.S. Dept of Education and the Kyrgyz Embassy collaborated on an event. Madam Ambassador did a wonderful job and was most greatful to everyone who is interested in learning about her country. I met 6 other PAP's there from around the area and across the U.S. I was so excited to finally meet my Bishkek tag team partner from California. After the program I did a photo shoot with my niece's American Girl Doll "Molly". You will most likely see more of her in the posts to come because she will be my traveling companion to Bishkek next week. Molly has been up and down the East Coast, and has a new outfit for her trip across the pond! She will also probably get to meet the Little Miss in person. Miss Molly has been a big part of our families' lives now for almost a year. She almost needs her own WHERE'S MOLLY BLOGSITE. Well after a whirlwind tour of The Washington Monument I drove past the Statue of Iwo Jima and then on to P's house where we did some girl talk and food prep!!! This was most definitely my favorite part of the day. Getting to hang out and relax and chat with others who are in this heartache with me. We know what each other is feeling and going through. So to S and P and to L and S I say thank you for a wonderful evening and I am so glad we got a chance to meet. I hope that the TAKC (Totally Awesome Kyrgyz Crew) can meet many times over in the years to come as we preserve our kids' heritage.

Saturday was a total cleaning day.... Not much more to say about that... YUCK

Sunday we celebrated Turkey Day and Everyody's Birthday at my Mom's house. My Dad, Brother, and one of my nephews all have birthdays in November, so every year we do one gigantic birthday party for them. We also sang and videotaped Happy Birthday to the Little Miss one week early. I can play it for her at the orphanage next Saturday for her real birthday!!!

Well Thats a long post...... So for everyone who read to the end HAPPY TURKEY DAY and what do you all think? I may be biased but I can't wait to gaze into these eyes again!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wishing Tree

There is a tradition in Kyrgyzstan based on a Shamanistic belief that tying a ribbon or piece of material to a tree is a sign of good luck. The tradition goes on to say that tying the ribbon is a sign of return to the place where the ribbon is tied! I believe I saw this first on John Wright's website. This is the basis then for tying a yellow ribbon around an old oak tree. Well, a few weeks ago I remembered seeing the ribbon tree on several of my fellow bloggers' sites and asked the MAPP's traveling to Bishkek if they would be willing to take a piece of ribbon with them for me. The response was a resounding YES!! A few days before their departure from Bishkek last week the MAPP's found themselves in the mountains around Bishkek where they found the wishing tree to tie ribbons on. I actually did not know until this morning that they had a chance to do this. But I awoke today (more like 2pm) to find pictures from P of our ribbons!!!! YEAH.. And these ribbons can not come at a better time. We are waiting for news from Bishkek. I am awaiting my interim trip to Bishkek. So hopefully our wish ribbons will find us all back in Kyrgyzstan real soon. I actually have a piece of this same material tied to my Japanese Red Maple tree in my front yard!!! So there are matching wishes 7500 miles apart! To all the powers that be I sure hope they work. To the MAPP's THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!! You have made my day. I took pictures of the ribbon here at home I will upload them when I can.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

&^%#%^& AOL

Ok I had issue with AOL back in March when for a stupid reason (ask Brian what happened) I got my email account at AOL closed. I had important information saved in my email account. All regarding our adoption (at the time in Ukraine). I lost it ALL.... all my work contacts had to be reloaded... I lost my contacts with some of the people I was networking with regarding IA in Ukraine. Yes I can retrieve stuff but its just a pain in the A$$%$#%.

Well $%$#@*&%# AOL *&%#@%&* me over again. The beginning of my adoption journey was saved in an AOL journal. Not a lot but the thoughts I was having the night before our first visit with JFS. The visit in Philadelphia to get our USCIS paperwork filed. Our local police station to get our criminal background checks... All my thoughts and feeling at the time.... GONE... If you click on the link it apologizes for the "inconvienience" It says we should have received an email stating that we had until Oct 31 to move our content. Well I got no such email. Now those pages are gone forever. Like a lost photo album... Very sad....

On a diferent note ...... still no news... none, zip, zilch, nadda. I chatted all the way home from work with all the higher powers that would listen.... My personal choice... God, My grammom, my poppop, mommom, harry, and even went so far as Brian's Uncle Mike... Requesting the presence of all these angels to bring about a miracle. Because at this point.... It would take a miracle to get our Little Miss home for the holidays.. Christmas.. What a Christmas gift it would be to her to us, to our families if we could bring her home right before Christmas. But in order for that to happen we need MIRACLES... Or whatever miraculous celestial high power intervention necesary.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It is always Darkest before the Dawn

I sure hope that it is almost dawn, because I am ready to be off this roller coaster ride!!

Copied from a fellow blogger Thank you so MUCH for the continued inspiration!

Morning's Coming

Jeff and Sheri Easter

The closer I get to God
seems the more I face.
Circumstances always seem
to get right in my way.
But in my hour of desperation
He's always by my side.
If I keep my eyes on Him
I can overcome the night.

Morning's coming;
it's just in sight
Every fear and doubt
will surrender to the light.
Morning's coming;
hold on tight
If I just trust in Him,
I'll make it through the night
Morning's coming.

If you're facing a trial
like you've never faced before
If you feel like you just
can't take it anymore
Just remember
that He won't allow
more than you can bear.
You're not alone.
You're entertaining angels unaware.

Morning's coming
Just in sight
Morning's coming
Hold on tight.
If you just trust in Him
You'll make it through the night.
Morning's coming.

When you get discouraged
and the night seems so long
Remember the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

Morning's coming;
just in sight
Every fear and doubt
will surrender to the light
Morning's coming;
hold on tight
If you just trust in Him,
you'll make it through the night.
Morning's coming.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Update from Bishkek

UPDATE 11-6-08
New weight 8.7 kg which translates to 19 and a half pounds!! 71 cm tall or 27 inches still a tiny squirt! hoping all those 18 months clothes will fit when she comes home. Still no news on homecoming.

Well I still have no news about when we will be able to bring the little miss home forever.... However I have a few tidbits of information to share. First, several PAP's are smack dab in the middle of an interim visit with their wee ones right now. Last evening (or very early this morning) I received email through our group from one of them that they have been able to get photos and measurements for us!! YEAH!!!! Then to top that I received an awesome personal email from one of the girls ............

Hi Ann
Just thought I would let you know ***** and your daughter are
roomies. I spent some time with her today while they were dressing him. She is so sweet
and social and seems to be doing well sitting, crawling and pulling up to stand. I love her
big eyes!
Hope you are well.

To which I practically did back flips!!! Little miss is slowly reaching developmental milestones which was such a worry for me while I was in the referral process. Thank you to all the PAP's who are there right now for taking the time to spend time with all our kiddos!!!

My second tidbit of news is I will be going for an interim visit myself in just over three weeks!!! YIKES!!! I bought my plane ticket last night. Little Miss will be celebrating her 2nd birthday. I decided that since there is no clear news as to when we would be back to get her home that I would take the Birthday party to her!! I am willing to postpone this trip for a gotcha trip!! Am actually hoping and praying and praying and praying some more that we do get that news and this trip COULD be postponed by a few weeks. I am thinking of sending out funky Birthday invitations inviting everyone to a Bishkek Birthday Bash!!!! regrets only style.... But alas I am thinking I would not get much of a turnout since Bishkek is kind of out of the way for a Saturday afternoon jaunt. Anyway all for now... Wishing, praying, hoping for news any news.... When I get new photos I will post tidbits here!!!