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Thursday, November 13, 2008

&^%#%^& AOL

Ok I had issue with AOL back in March when for a stupid reason (ask Brian what happened) I got my email account at AOL closed. I had important information saved in my email account. All regarding our adoption (at the time in Ukraine). I lost it ALL.... all my work contacts had to be reloaded... I lost my contacts with some of the people I was networking with regarding IA in Ukraine. Yes I can retrieve stuff but its just a pain in the A$$%$#%.

Well $%$#@*&%# AOL *&%#@%&* me over again. The beginning of my adoption journey was saved in an AOL journal. Not a lot but the thoughts I was having the night before our first visit with JFS. The visit in Philadelphia to get our USCIS paperwork filed. Our local police station to get our criminal background checks... All my thoughts and feeling at the time.... GONE... If you click on the link it apologizes for the "inconvienience" It says we should have received an email stating that we had until Oct 31 to move our content. Well I got no such email. Now those pages are gone forever. Like a lost photo album... Very sad....

On a diferent note ...... still no news... none, zip, zilch, nadda. I chatted all the way home from work with all the higher powers that would listen.... My personal choice... God, My grammom, my poppop, mommom, harry, and even went so far as Brian's Uncle Mike... Requesting the presence of all these angels to bring about a miracle. Because at this point.... It would take a miracle to get our Little Miss home for the holidays.. Christmas.. What a Christmas gift it would be to her to us, to our families if we could bring her home right before Christmas. But in order for that to happen we need MIRACLES... Or whatever miraculous celestial high power intervention necesary.

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Christina said...

I am with you regarding that miracle we are all looking for because frankly this Christmas will not be the same knowing my son is not home with us. We just need to pray for a very large miracle in the coming weeks that will get us there before the holidays.