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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Update from Bishkek

UPDATE 11-6-08
New weight 8.7 kg which translates to 19 and a half pounds!! 71 cm tall or 27 inches still a tiny squirt! hoping all those 18 months clothes will fit when she comes home. Still no news on homecoming.

Well I still have no news about when we will be able to bring the little miss home forever.... However I have a few tidbits of information to share. First, several PAP's are smack dab in the middle of an interim visit with their wee ones right now. Last evening (or very early this morning) I received email through our group from one of them that they have been able to get photos and measurements for us!! YEAH!!!! Then to top that I received an awesome personal email from one of the girls ............

Hi Ann
Just thought I would let you know ***** and your daughter are
roomies. I spent some time with her today while they were dressing him. She is so sweet
and social and seems to be doing well sitting, crawling and pulling up to stand. I love her
big eyes!
Hope you are well.

To which I practically did back flips!!! Little miss is slowly reaching developmental milestones which was such a worry for me while I was in the referral process. Thank you to all the PAP's who are there right now for taking the time to spend time with all our kiddos!!!

My second tidbit of news is I will be going for an interim visit myself in just over three weeks!!! YIKES!!! I bought my plane ticket last night. Little Miss will be celebrating her 2nd birthday. I decided that since there is no clear news as to when we would be back to get her home that I would take the Birthday party to her!! I am willing to postpone this trip for a gotcha trip!! Am actually hoping and praying and praying and praying some more that we do get that news and this trip COULD be postponed by a few weeks. I am thinking of sending out funky Birthday invitations inviting everyone to a Bishkek Birthday Bash!!!! regrets only style.... But alas I am thinking I would not get much of a turnout since Bishkek is kind of out of the way for a Saturday afternoon jaunt. Anyway all for now... Wishing, praying, hoping for news any news.... When I get new photos I will post tidbits here!!!


Christina said...

Congratulations on getting such great news on your girl. Enjoy spending her birthday with her. I know it will be much fun for her and you. I am like you hoping and praying for some miracle that will get us there soon to our kiddos. Keeping you in my prayers!!

Ann said...

Thank you Christina!!