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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wishing Tree

There is a tradition in Kyrgyzstan based on a Shamanistic belief that tying a ribbon or piece of material to a tree is a sign of good luck. The tradition goes on to say that tying the ribbon is a sign of return to the place where the ribbon is tied! I believe I saw this first on John Wright's website. This is the basis then for tying a yellow ribbon around an old oak tree. Well, a few weeks ago I remembered seeing the ribbon tree on several of my fellow bloggers' sites and asked the MAPP's traveling to Bishkek if they would be willing to take a piece of ribbon with them for me. The response was a resounding YES!! A few days before their departure from Bishkek last week the MAPP's found themselves in the mountains around Bishkek where they found the wishing tree to tie ribbons on. I actually did not know until this morning that they had a chance to do this. But I awoke today (more like 2pm) to find pictures from P of our ribbons!!!! YEAH.. And these ribbons can not come at a better time. We are waiting for news from Bishkek. I am awaiting my interim trip to Bishkek. So hopefully our wish ribbons will find us all back in Kyrgyzstan real soon. I actually have a piece of this same material tied to my Japanese Red Maple tree in my front yard!!! So there are matching wishes 7500 miles apart! To all the powers that be I sure hope they work. To the MAPP's THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!! You have made my day. I took pictures of the ribbon here at home I will upload them when I can.

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Pamela said...

So, now that we've met in person, this is even more of a special post. Reminds me a little of the store of when Suzanne tore up her tampon bag to tie around that tree.

Wonderful to meet you yesterday!