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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bishkek Baby Bash

Well we planned and planned and took a trip across the pond so I could be here today with the little miss. The planning paid off. Yesterday we had gone shopping for Yogurt, apples, and apple juice. Today after a long morning with the kids we had our Bishkek Bash!! The cakes were purchased today from a small bakery close to the BBH. And creme puffs that were simply divine. We started out with cake with the Little Miss's group. I was trying to have Nicole and our translater get a photo of the Little Miss with the cake when SPLAT went the hand right into the center of the cake. I guess I am not doing too good at being one up on a two year old. After she realized what she did the look on her face was priceless. Like " what on earth did I get myself into??" She stared at her hand and was just not sure what she should do. So I put her hand to her mouth. Not sure she liked the icing but she liked playing with it. Her group and her really enjoyed the yogurt and applesauce. After her cake we delivered apples, and creme puffs to the older kids. Then we were back off to the music room for a nice long visit. This was Nicole's last day so they did not pressure us to leave.

We did have a bit of a rough start. Took us a little while before we got the kids in the morning. But once we did we really were able to keep them for a long time. Little Miss fell asleep for me. Slept for about an hour, then woke up happy as a clam that I was still there.

I am seeing alot of change in just a few days time. After a few days we no longer walk around the room we sprint.... Still holding hands but getting more confident to be speedy. She does not get as tired as fast during our last few visits. The best improvement is she is not throwng herself backwards quite as much. So I am pretty sure that will go away when she gets home. For those who know all the attachment issues; Little Miss will go about doing her own exploration of the musice room, however she comes and check in on me every so often. Tries to climb on my lap, but I don't give her the chance to do it herself. I pick her up and just have a party for her coming over to me. I am not sure what was up with my camera today, the photos just are not how they usually look.

Well I am falling asleep.... I know I did not write about our trip to Orlovka.... I will get to it.


Jes said...

I love that you had a party with all of the kids...and that they let you do it! Sounds like your daughter is just the little explorer :)


Matt and Pam Bean said...

I am so glad that you were able to be there for her birthday and it will mean so much to her later on. Sounds like she is doing wonderful and I am constantly amazed at what love and one on one time can do for those little ones. Have a safe trip home and can't wait to hear more.