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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bishkek or bust

Well I have arrived in Bishkek. I got here about an hour ago. The flights here were so uneventful. I wish I could say the same about my drive to JFK. That event in itself was the single most awful experience I have had for a long time. Sweat pouring down the forehead, hands gripped tight on the steering wheel. The clock ticked closer and closer to my departure time as I sat and sat and sat in traffic first at the NJ turnpike, then at the Lincoln Tunnel, then through yes THROUGH NYC. onto the beltway and finally on the Van Wyck expressway. Luckily there was a wonderful voice on the other end of my cell phone from Airport parking 1. He kept me calm through the traffic and told me how to drive to the airport instead of to their place. Once at the airport the two girls at Aeroflot initially told me NYET I can not get on my plane NYET the ticket counter has closed. OK fast talking here and appeal to the heart. " I have been stuck in traffic for 5 hours..." Well that may have been a stretch... Then still NYET I had to pull out the big guns... I am adopting a child in Kyrgyzstan I must get there. (did not mention this is a visist) But Nyet suddenly became DA. The girl at the counter was from Uzbeckistan. She actually stopped me then and asked about adopting from Kyrgyzstan. The rest is pretty easy going. Except for all good laid plans I had about exchanging some money for rubles at the airport at JFK. Did not happen. So I was 8 hours in Moscow, rubless. What a long stay that was. I could not getr the internet to work, and I could not get the phone to work with a credit card. So my family was probably having a heart attack not hearing from me. Arrival in Bishkek was completely uneventful. I had my Visa form filled out even before I left Moscow. The lady at the Visa counter must have been impressed. She had my Visa processed in half the time as the first time I was here ... and... she pushed me right to the front of the passport line. ALL my suitcases arrived. ALL 100 pounds of orphanage donations are safe and sound ready for delivery!! I will take pictures of all of it before I start smuggling it in!! My driver at the airport picked me out of the crowd right away. HMM I wonder how. Lets see 300 Kygyz nationals and one redhead girl traveling alone. Not too hard to miss was I. I aarived quickly to Philemon house. This place is extremely cozy. Very homelike setting. Right now it smells of breakfast. I met N right away she woke up when I got here. Anyway I will post more tonight after I have see the Little miss!!!


Jes said...

Ann - So glad you made it safely. Can't wait to hear about your visit with the Little Miss.


Lisa B and Family said...

Thank goodness you made it!!!
I hope you will be able to have full visits. I know N was having some waiting.
I am so thrilled to know she will be in your arms today! That little one has no idea yet what a great life lies ahead for her! But you'll give her another taste today!

Julie and John Wright said...

Ann We are following your trip and thinking of you all day....I hope you have a great time.

Julie and John Wright said...

Ann We are following your trip and thinking of you all day....I hope you have a great time.

Kimberly said...

Ann - I am so happy that you and your luggage made it! Can 't wait to hear about the Birthday bash!

Ann said...

Lovin all the comments.. XXX's and OOO's from The Little Miss and I.