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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bless Us All

When I came home a few weeks ago I knew this would be one of my pre- Christmas posts. Sometimes I do not feel much like the spirit of Christmas this year. In my house this year there will not be a Christmas tree, or lights or garland. No wreath on my door or stockings on the mantel. All the commercialized signs of Christmas are really devoid and don't mean much to me this year. What you will find at my house this year will be my Nativity scenes which will come out tonight. Today I clean my house in great anticipation of bringing them all out. I have always loved the real sign of Christmas. As a girl I played with the Nativity scene at my Grammom and Poppop's house every weekend and every day I visited. That Nativity scene now belongs to me. It was given to me several years ago before my grandmother, who died in June of this year just after my first visit with Noodle, moved out of her home and into my parent's house. She knew that that manger would one day belong to me. Now that manger and all the figures never leaves my kitchen. I never pack it away. It is out all year long. The rest are once a year symbols of the true meaning of Christmas.

But I digress..... The verses of this song came to me one night just after I came back from Bishkek, so I knew I would have to include this in a post. The song reminds me so much of my last few weeks and all I have and all I have learned since June.

Anyway the song is from my all time favorite Christmas Movie. Some people like Its a Wonderful Life, some A Christmas Story, but me my favorite Christmas movie since 1992 I have not missed watching it at least 5-6 times per Christmas season....... A Muppet's Christmas Carole

This song.. Sung by Tiny Tim and the Cratchet family in the movie just seems appropriate this year. First everyone take some time to read the words..... Or just sit back and watch the clip.

Life is full of sweet suprises every day's a gift

The sun comes up and I can feel it lift my spirit.

Fills me up with laughter , fills me up with song.

I look into the eyes of love and know that I belong.

Bless Us all

Who Gather here

The loving family I hold dear.

No place on earth compares with home

And every path will lead me back from where I roam

Bless us all

that as we live

We always comfort and forgive.

We have so much, that we can share

with those in need we see around us everywhere.

Let us always love each other.

Lead us to the light

Let us hear the voice of reason

Singing in the night

Let us run from anger

And catch us when we fall

Teach us in our dreams and please

yes please

Bless us one and all

Bless us all with playful years

with noisy games and joyful tears

We reach for you

and we stand tall

And in our prayers and dreams

We ask you Bless us all

We reach for you

and we stand tall

and in our prayers and dreams we ask you bless us ALL!!

I think tomorrow I will add another clip from the same movie. If I can from now until Christmas Day I will add a song of the day which just mean so much to me.

All ways to try to keep myself living by my Motto... Patience is trusting in God's timing..

God Bless Us one and all


Jackie said...

I've visited your blog here and there, and thought I'd post a comment. I have never seen the Muppet Christmas movie and will plan to pick it up at Blockbuster...what a lovely song!!

I'm sending good thoughts your way and hope that you will be reunited with your child soon.


Ann said...

Thanks Jackie, Glad you like the song.. I sure do and LOVE the movie... And your little one will too.