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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

Although there are many many many things I am thankful for in 2008 I am not sad it is coming to an end. For several things I am happy that 2008 existed. The first and oh so most important....... I met Noodle, or Little Miss, or our Kyrgyz Princess. To all those who have made that possible, to all those who have supported Brian and myself through the last almost seven months I am thankful and grateful. This road has been long, rocky, unpredictable and heartwrenching. But without the heartache and pain of the waiting period I would not have met all my wonderful Blog buddies and weekly email exchange with Kimberly. I would not have met Suzanne, Pamela, and Nicole.... Sergey, Anya and all the kids! Or had the opportunity to network with John, Betty and oh so many others. (please feel free to holler at me here if I have missed anyone as it is 7 am and I should be sleeping after my night shift)

But 2008 brought us much sadness. In June, my Grandmother died (My Mom's mom). She died just after I met Miss Noodle. I oh so hoped that she would get to meet her. But I am sure she is helping to take care of her while we wait. Then in July my Grandfather ( my Dad's stepdad) died. This shook the family as when Harry (poppop Gordon) died so did the last of a generation. I hope that our generation can do our grandparent's generation proud.

So I say good bye 2008 and although you brought much joy I hope and pray that this was a transition year, and that everything we went through in 2008 leads us to much greatness in 2009. To all my friends (new and old) , my family, my virtual buddies, my blog partners and all those who are united in the wait for our children I send out my prayers, my thoughts and all the good cheer I can manage to summon " May all of 2008's struggles lead us all to joy and great things to come in 2009!" My heart, hugs, and love go out to All.


Suzanne said...

Yes, goodbye 2008. I like your way of thinking of it as a transition year. That's how I'll think of it, too. That, and the year that brought me to Matilda (twice!) and new friends like you.


Shannon said...


Kimberly said...

Ann - I too, am grateful to both say goodbye to a year with some disappointment and a year of new friendships! I always look forward to seeing your email address appear in my inbox!