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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The journey to Orlofka part 1

BIG MEAN DOG--- Dog spelled backwards is GOD

********DISCLAIMER **********

The following posts can not be written in any other way but in length and great detail prepare to sit back and read the story of how we ended up in Orlofka!!!!

Part of me has wanted to sit and write this post for days. The other part of me is scared to write this post. I am fearful that I will not serve all those involved well with my words. But I will do my best.

In May of this year I did not know Kyrgyzstan existed, I could not find it on a map and I certainly could not spell it. But immediately upon accepting the referral of our Little Noodle I started my research on this small country. That research lead me to John's blog over at Act of Kindness. I was amzed and in awe of the magnitude of his efforts. And when I emailed him one day I received a response almost immediately. Now at the time John was still in Kyrgyzstan and I believe it was probably the wee hours of the morning when he wrote back. Ok so I have been hooked on John's site ever since!! I have followed along with many of the stories of the people he and his team have touched. One story struck my attention a family who wants to farm. Goats and animals are purchased as well as shelter built. Then several months pass and yet another tragedy falls on this family. Someone comes on their property and kills their goats. The answer to their property security.... A BIG MEAN DOG.... Well anyone who knows me knows there is a soft spot in my heart for DOG. So I offer my assistance to find BIG MEAN DOG!!! Less then two weeks later BIG MEAN DOG is in his new home and the chickens moved to the trees. Oh how I laughed when I read that. I felt good, that the goal had been accomplished. Now never in a million years did I expect that BIG MEAN DOG would be a vessel to lead me on an incredible journey.....

A few weeks after Big Mean Dog ( hereafter known by his new name BOY) came to live with Aygula and the children I emailed John to tell him I was going to be traveling to Bishkek for a second trip. My question to him was does he have any resources to help me plan a Bishkek Birthday Bash. The response email sent me literally running up the stairs to share with Brian what was a true suprise. Yes, we could help shop for the party if needed, but more importantly would you be interested in having dinner with Aygula and her family? Totally unexpected but a total joyful suprise to think that on this trip I would get the chance to meet a few of the people from John's team and the families they help. Again here I must add I was still unprepared for what this really was going to mean. Email addresses and phone numbers were exchanged and I asked if Nicole would be able to join me for our day with Sergey and Anya and then on to dinner at Aygula's. Again an response of definitely yes she is most welcomed to come along. I am excited to gain first hand experience and knowledge about Kyrgyz people and traditions. I want to make sure that The Noodle knows the heritage and traditions of her country. This journey certainly gave me many stories I can tell her as she grows older. Some I will put in other posts as I wait for the Noodle to come home.

A quick bit of background - This last few months has found me praying harder then ever. I pray that the Noodle is kept safe, I pray that the government of Kyrgyzstan can resolve whatever issues they have and fins it in their hearts to allow us to bring our kids home, I pray for all the kids who will grow up in the orphanages and internats in Kyrgyzstan and all over the world. I pray that God will grant the perfect time to bring the Noodle home, And for safe journey's for all of us who have become world travelers in this journey to find our children. I started out this journey as a means to bring a child into our family. But along the way this journey has become much more than I ever could have asked for or expected. Old friends have become closer, New friends have been made. I have rekindled a faith in God and his timing. Trusting in God's timing has been my motto since June. Losing two grandparents within two weeks and the stalling of adoptions being processed have tested that to the utmost degree but I still trust that God has his timing and reasons for the delay. One of these reasons has got to be to enjoy this journey. Meet the people I have been able to meet.

I diverse....... Monday afternoon... I am running late, but finally get out the door for my supposed 3 hour trip to NYC's JFK airport. Just outside NYC and the Lincoln Tunnel the traffic slams to a halt. The clock starts ticking... It is 5:45 ok so plenty of time right.. wrong.. I am stuck.. I start pleading.. Please God, let me catch this plane, Grammom, Poppop Mommom help me get through this traffic and get on this plane. The minutes tick.. 6:45. My plane is due to leave at 8:20 I should be tucked in at the gate already, instead I am panicked in a sea of sweat. I call the place I am supposed to park my car at. I ask for help. What am I going to do. Chris (angel number 1)directs me to the airport and says I will meet you right outside the Aeroflot terminal and I will take your car for you. OK so on a huge leap of faith I throw this man my car keys sign at the bottom of the paper and sprint into the ticket counter. My first encounter... Sorry you are too late. the tocket counter is closed.. NOOOO I start talking fast, ending with I must get on this plane I am going to see my little girl who I am adopting in Kyrgyzstan. Well... the lady behind the counter smiled and waved me to the next desk where my boarding pass was printed. Then she met me out front helped me with my bags and proceeded to tell me that she is from Uzbekistan and she dreams that one day she will adopt a child from Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan. Ok so angel number 2 encountered!!! My flight was uneventful. My stay in Moscow long, but finally I was on the ground in Bishkek. My Visa filled out ahead of time I was wisked through the visa counter and even brought through the front of the line at passport control. Both my luggage (all 100 pounds) made it safely to Bishkek. My driver picked me out of the crowd within moments of walking out of the terminal and off we went to Philemon House. Where I was met by a very sleepy Nicole at 6am. Nicole and I have never met!! But immediately we felt like old friends. A few hours later we are at the orphanage waiting for our kids. When Noodle comes out she is bursting at the seems. Just chatting and beaming that I have arrived. I know this little girl remembered me!!! And on her hat... A butterfly.... Call me crazy... but I just lost it. Butterflies have been a big part of this journey and cause for a full other post. But For me this was such a tangible example that God, and my grandparents are listening to my prayers and watching over this little girl.

On the Second day of my visit in Kyrgyzstan Nicole and I settle in for a wonderful breakfast and a conversation about our beliefs and what has brought us to where we are. We discuss our upcoming meeting with Sergey and Anya and I tell her how the invitation to dinner has evolved. Nicole was in disbelief as I told her the story. She had meant to contact John prior to departure for her own reasons and simply ran out of time. That though is her story to tell. But just an example of being put in the right place when we are supposed to be there.


Buddy and Lauren's Kyrgyzstan Journey... said...

Welcome home Ann. I can't wait to read "part 2"!

Trudi said...

OH THOSE EYES! I cannot imagine how difficult it must be on you to leave your sweet baby girl and look forward to the joy of bringing her home.