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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just before Orlofka lies a large ray of Sunshine and Hope

Just over one week ago I met the most amazing group of people. People who I had never spoke to, seen or met before. But less then 12 hours after meeting them I cried like I was leaving a best friend behind. In many of our conversations, blogs, yahoo groups, etc. We have all had a common bond and a faith in our own way. I know where my belief has always been. I was raised Christian believe in God and pray to God, angels, my guardian angels for my whole life. The last six months I can honestly say I have done more praying than I ever have before. I started out by asking that my daughter to be is brought home safe and soon. But the evidence of God's timing has surrounded me in full force since June and especially during this last trip to Kyrgyzstan. In 12 hours of time with Sergey and Anya I was shown a side of humanity that Idon't think too many people get the chance to see. People who have given their lives to help other people. Helping children who can not care for themselves. But are being given the skills that are necessary to help themselves and in return to pass the help along.

Yes that is a monkey on Vladik's head! We gave him the monkey almost as soon as we met him. Instant friends! Hey Vladik WHASSSS UP????!!!!!!!! One com please!!

What am I rambling about you say??? Last week after a few emails and a one phone call we were prepared for the unknown of what our day would hold. The only thing that was certain was that we were invited to Dinner. That later in the eveing we were being hosted to a traditional Kyrgyz meal, in a traditional Kygyz house. Along the way we may or may not get the opportunity to see first hand just a handful of the projects that Act of Kindness, Simple Dreams/ IAM1RU, and Possibility International has been helping with.

First stop..... Lunch, Burgers and fries almost McDonald's style. Unfortunately Nicole and I had already eaten so we were not even remotely hungry. But it would have been interesting to taste the difference between our and Kygyz burgers and fries. Lunch gave us a chance to sort of get to know each other. First connection was through Sergey and Anya's oldest son. What a cutie. WASSSUPPP is the same in English and Russian. What better way to get acquainted then through the eyes of a child, singing and dancing in the back seat of a car a language barrier disappeared on the trip between Bishkek and Tokmok. We did not need anyone to translate through the eyes of the children. But our eyes were wide open to take in everything. An unplaned stop was next. Originally just to take a few photos. But then doors were opened and we were able to meet a few children who just made our hearts bleed. Oh what I would do to be able to help them. In another world these children would have a chance at some sort of a normal life, however here their lives will know only the kindness of the people who care for them. I pray for them that those who care for them may have access to all they need to provide for them. I feel right now I need to keep that story at that for now.

Onward to stop three. A small piece of heaven on earth. Children, hearts of gold. These kids touched our hearts like I don't think we have ever been touched before. We met some of the children from John's posts. As soon as they heard we were visiting as friend's of John's the smiles lit up the room. These kids truly love John, Julie, his family and all the team. Special greetings were sent to John as we video taped their messages. We were then given an insight into each child's special talent. The artist, the best at sports, the best in school, etc. One of the littlest recited a poem for us. They showed us their rooms, and then we were treated to an impromptu breakdance session. I started to capture the scene with my camera. But the kids had better plans. They did not want me to watch through the lens. Each child took turns snapping pictures. Now those that know me know I don't usually give up my camera, but it just seemed they needed the camera more then I did, and it gave me the opportunity to interact with the kids. Again I have to say even though most of the kids spoke Russian, it did not matter. We all were connected in a universal language of caring. Tears filled my eyes with each hug I received and gave that evening. They are all extremely special to say the least. One little guy touched me so powerfully with his wide eyes, and beautiful grin. They all just deserve the best. I can only hope and pray that they continue to be blessed. For these kids I pray they can overcome.

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Kimberly said...

Oh Ann - I just love reading about this! What an amazing journey! It is so encouraging to hear about how God is moving in Kyrg!