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Monday, December 1, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

Oh how I wish I did not know when I will be back again! Because that would mean papers were signed and I have to extend my stay in Bishkek. Even if we get that good news this week It would probably be two weeks or so before we could spring any of the kids from the baby house so I guess I would come home and fly back. Oh the decision that will have to be made then!!! But I would really love to have to make that decision!! Anyway my flight leaves out of JFK at 8:20 pm tonight. I am sure if I am able I will post from either JFK or Moscow. I arrive Moscow at 1:25 their time which is about 4am here. Then I get a wonderful 8 hours to explore the Moscow airport. My traveling companion is excited about her journey! My niece's doll Molly!!! I know I am a bit crazy. I did not play with dolls as a little girl. Started playing with dolls when I hit about 10......... And still love dolls..... Not to an extreme but I am looking forward to my where's Molly photos.


Christina said...

Have a great trip and enjoy time with your girl. Keeping you in my prayers during your travel.

Pamela said...

Safe travels, Ann. I'm thinking of you! If you catch a glimpse of Addison, please tell her that mommy loves her!



Jes said...

Love that picture ;) Have a safe and restful trip! Can't wait to read about it more. Hopefully your stay is extended a bit and you are able to bring that baby girl home!!!