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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Paka Little Miss Paka Lublyu

Well the day has come.... time to say good bye, Paka in Kyrgyz. My blog buddy Suzanne warned me a few weeks ago that it would be harder the second time leaving. And oh how right she is. I became just mesmerized by this little girl this week. She has been a joy to spend time with. It is so amazing to see what a difference a few days makes. At the beginning of the week her face was pale and she tired very easily. By the end of the week it seemed she had some color to her cheeks and she spent almost every play time without getting tired. Our last visit she started to show signs of falling asleep. I did not want to leave her when she was asleep. So we left before. Yesterday she was so happy when she fell asleep and then woke up and I was still there. I just could not bear to let her fall asleep and then not come back again.

Anyway enough of the tears. Wow did we play today. We took walks around the room in a pair of actual baby shoes (size 3) We did not meet the goal of walking on her own, however I think a few more days and we would have seen at least a step or two. Little Miss loves dolls!!! I took Miss Molly with me today again and Miss Noodle (her new nickname!) just could not get enough of her. Yesterday she started laughing when I would count to three in russian and then let her fall backwards a little and catch her. Today she discovered what fun a ticklish belly is. All out laugh from the bottom of her toes. Can't wait to show that one off. We played outside for a little before going back to the music room. She had a blast and I got some REALLY good photos!!!

Then it was time to leave and I didnot waste time handing her over for a long good bye.. I just could not do that either. Hoping that rumors stop being rumors and start being the truth!!!

OK now that I have a few hours I am going upstairs to attempt to compose my Orlovka Post!!! Think Bish Mall Mat, and all the food you could care to eat !!! I have made some new friends on this trip. I just hope I get to see them again soon.


Jes said...

Ann - I cannot imagine how hard it was to leave Miss Noodle today! I'm so glad that you were able to spend some good, quality time with her...little snippits of what is soon to be home!


Pamela said...

The pic is precious! Love the new nickname...too cute!

The Noodle is so lucky to have you as her mother...and, it sounds like she recognizes what a gift you are. How so? Because of the amazing changes you've witnessed during this visit. And, this visit was such a wonderful gift that you have given to that I'm sure she will always keep close to her heart.

Prayers are going out to you for a safe and uneventful journey back to the States. And, big prayers going straight up to heaven for the Noodle.

Big love!


Bridget said...

I am thinking of you and your family. Many prayers.


Schlef Family said...

The pictures have been very cute! I pray you won't be separated long. I know how hard it was to leave a second time.