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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Reunion Day!!!

Well after 6 months of waiting, a horrible commute to JFK, two plane rides, and a taxi ride 7300 miles has brought us back together again! This time our first day and first moments were really nothing short of miraculous. I really think this little girl remembered me. She just started chatting away when she was handed to me. Of course all baby Kyrgyz talk. But loud and fast she had us all mesmerized! K & N could not stop laughing at her. I think N got some video. The next thing I noticed, sent chills right through me, there on top of her hat………A BUTTERFLY! I could not believe it. Those who have been following may remember many posts ago about her homecoming butterfly outfit her butterfly shoes, Butterfly thank you notes were sent after her baby shower, and I had been wearing a butterfly pendant (until the chain broke). Well off we went to the upstairs music room. We had the room to ourself while we waited for N and her little guy to join us. Just before they got there this little girl let out a clear as day MOMMA!!! YIKES!!! Once N joined us, Little Mis was definitely interested in interacting with A and she, like any two year old, wanted every toy we gave to A. Developmentally I can see an improvement. Little Miss is pulling herself up to a sit, a squat to her knees, and up to her feet. She walked when I held her hands, and even tried once to walk around in a circle while holding just one finger. On the flip side she still gets tired easily. After an hour of play/play therapy, she was falling asleep. And just as she did on most of my other visits she was asleep in my arms. This set off round one of tears. I sang Baby Mine to her as she drifted off to sleep. Tears of joy to be holding her, tears of joy to know she is comfortable falling asleep in my arms, but tears of saddness knowing this will be a short five days and I will have to leave her again. Big thanks ( Balshoy Spaceba) goes out here to N. She immediately saw my tears sprang up and we held hands and prayed for some movement to happen to get these kids home to us safe.

The afternoon was uneventful, changed some money, and went to the store. (I have to try to remember what store it was, but not the Beta store) Stocked up on water and STRAWBERRY Cok (juice) pronounced almost like sock with a long O. The juice here is amazing. The taste is just so far removed from any juice from home.

Our afternoon visit started by dancing. Someone will have to help me out here as I am HORRIBLE with artists. The song “simply the best, better then all the rest” was playing on the radio (IN ENGLISH) And Little Miss and I were alone in a music room so what better thing to do but cut a rug. Now we are no Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers but we certainly had fun. And she was laughing the whole way through our dance. This afternoon Little Miss was very interested in my face, nose and mouth. She was sticking out her tongue. And when she would I would also. When she touched her tongue to her top of her mouth I copied her. Soon the copycat game was well underway. Then I took her to a mirror and she was very excited to watch herself in the mirror. She got sleepy and almost fell asleep…. But kept prying her eyes open this time. She would not allow herself to close her eyes. All in all a much better day today then our first meeting with each other six months ago.

Play Therapy takes alot out of a little girl!!!


Shannon said...

I'm so glad you're there safe and sound despite your rough start! Thrilled to hear Little Miss is doing well and happy to see you again! I can't imagine the joy you must feel holding her again. Keep the posts coming!

Corinne said...

What a joyful reunion! Enjoy your visit with your sweet Miss!What a luck little one she is.

Suzanne said...

Your singer: Tina Turner! Who, by the way, we just missed in DC last month.

Ann, your post has ME in tears, too. It sounds like you two are off to a great start on this visit. I know, it's so hard knowing that you'll have to say goodbye to her again. Try hard not to think about it until your last day there. And you know what, I have a feeling this next goodbye won't be for long.

Oh, would you mind asking Nickie where in CA she's from? You can tell her I'm in the Bay Area.


Lisa B and Family said...

Well count me in on the tears!
I am so thrilled to hear how strong she is getting and how she is responding to you!
Love this update!!!

Christina said...

I am in tears reading your blog. Enjoy all the time you have with Little Miss. Hopefully it will not be long at all before you get to bring her home. Enjoy every second.

Pamela said...

Fantastic reunion! This is exactly what I had hoped to read about, Ann. So looking forward to tomorrow's report!

BTW...tomorrow I'll be at the Aitmatov symposium at the Library of Congress and then the reception afterward. I'll try to pick up some materials for you if they are available.


Karen D said...

Ann - I'm so happy to hear about the fun you are having with your Little Miss. I can picture the room and the dancing and it makes my heart happy!!!

Kimberly said...

Ann - what a wonderful post!!! I joined in the tears too!
this gives me so much hope for my own reunion with a certain little two year old :-)
what an amazing experience to hear her say Momma!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to find out the wonderful time your having with your Little Miss. Kaitlyn found you a butterfly for her - but still not ready to part with those little sneakers with the butterfly on it. Miss ya & lots of luv from the crew!