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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Strastudtz from Moscow Airport

Well thanks to my Bishkek tag team blog partner Suzanne and a very last minute email I am connected to the internet for my wait at the airport in Moscow. My eyes are smoky... and the floor is horribly uncomfortable what an awful place to sit and wait. But hey I am connected and that is the good part. I am currently starting long process to upload photos to my kodak gallery account so I can get prints asap when I get home!!! Maybe even by Tuesday morning... LOL!!! I have a few posts I want to make but they all have their own title...... Including the long awaited Orlofka post. Hoping to get that composed while I am here. It was just a long and very emotional day. Dang this post is the hardest post i have ever tried to write. I now know full well how John feels when he says he has so much to tell but just can't find the words to tell the story. The story will come I just want to make sure the story is written perfectly.

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