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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday in Bishkek

We had a bit of a rough start today. We were unfortunately not allowed in the music room this morning, and the room we were given was not a place where the Little Miss could get down and play. She is all of 19 pounds soaking wet, looks like and in some ways is developmentally only about a one year old, but she is a two year old who wants to explore this new found freedom of crawling around the huge music room floor. Anyway we had to hold them and she was just not enjoying that for a full one hour. She did ok for awhile. We found a mirror to again explore the fine art of sticking out our tongues! Great way to start bad habits Eh? Played a few rounds of Paddy Cake to the mirror. ( oh by the way I forgot.... My mom will love this. we had a few great choruses yesterday of I'm a Little Teapot... complete with TIP ME OVER ) Anyway by about 45 minutes she was over al my games. She wanted down and she was tired both together amounted to a small meltdown. So we ended a bit early. I was able to take all the cloth diapers to the orphanage today. And all the butt creme. Both donated items from near and far!! Our translator asked if we could buy some medicine today for the kids and off we went to the pharmacy (well it says it is a pharmacy... looks more like a small post office with a window where you ask for what you want. Our driver came out with a huge bag of eye ointment and I believe hydrocortisone creme. 360 coms... which is $10.... Would have cost a small fortune in the states.
Then off we went to lunch with a friend. We had a wonderful conversation about her work here in Bishkek. Our second visit was much nicer. We had decided ahead of time if we could not go to the music room we were going to ask to go outside. But the music room was open so we took some walks around the floor. Little Miss took two turns around our TINA TURNER dance floor. ( Thank you to Brian, Suzanne, and Deb for giving me the answer to that bit of music trivia! I am awful at putting artisits to songs) Deb says she will not pick me to be on her team for the next round of name that tune! I agree I would be the weakest link. Anyway The Little Miss did very well. Not sure my goal of walking unassisted will be met this week but she sure is doing better. She just does not have the muscle strength to stay upright for long. She has tiny little chicken legs. I almost forgot our suprise of the day!!! The workers handed Little Miss to me today with ALL the stuff I left from her first trip. Blanket, Raggedy Ann, and photo book along with the disposable camera that was left by one of the PAP's a few months back. Can't wait to get that developed!!! I will have to try to find another here in Bishkek to leave this time. Anyway all in all this was a much better visit then the morning. I sit here tonight and have read the wonderful comments from my friends all over the United States and Canada (which I have a suprise post for tomorrow but will be very very late until it is posted) I have been brought to tears reading the support that we all have on this journey. N and I had a conversation earlier about how great the journey has been. Not the this wait has been great it is heartbreaking and frustrating. But, there is a side note story that goes along with this adoption journey. People.... There are so many things and people I have met (some only through blogs and email) that I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise. Again tomorrow's post will be a big part of that opportunity we have been given to see just how fortunate we all are. I want to thank everyone for reading, and emailing. I am so glad that we as PAP's are not alone on this journey. Candles, Prayers, Celestial happenings to all! Hoping and Praying here that we may get some answers soon.

A Bit more then usual for those wonderful people who are following and supporting Man I can not wait for the day when there will be no cropping, no blankets and no blurry photos hiding those eyes on this blog!!! She has the best deep brown eyes and sure can't wait to send some of the singing videos out. LOL.


Schlef Family said...

It sounds like you are having a great time with your little one! It is wonderful you were able to go back to see her.


Christina said...

From what I can see of her, she is just so precious. I am so glad you are enjoying your time with your girl. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and hope that we are all reunited with our kids soon.

Jes said...

Love the snippets of pictures!! Cannot wait to see more some day.